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Recognize, Incent, Reward ... and How to INSPIRE

It's important, on an ongoing basis, to recognize and reward your employees, and we've been creating and sharing content on how to achieve engagement. But how often do we think to INSPIRE our employees and teams? "How do we get them to commit their hearts and spirits to the mission of the company?" asks Roy Sauderson of the Recognition Management Institute. We love his answers and we hope they inspire you to truly influence your workplace in a meaningful way - all year long. Read: Incentive Magazine's, 10 Ways to Inspire Employees at Year End

In that vein, are you helping your employees and team members to feel PROUD? In New Year's Resolutions for Every Manager: 6 Ways to Make Your Workers Proud, Industry Week makes suggestions guaranteed to improve performance in almost any workplace. These are resolutions for workplace success you can implement today and reference all year long.

eNews Interactive: Healthful Online Tools for the New Year

New year's resolutions don't always have to get left behind due to the busyness of life. You'll want to pass along these resolution-keeping tools to help others achieve a happy & healthy new year. Rather than simply listing the top resolutions, this site supplies helpful links for each resolution, helping people achieve the wellness they seek.

Ideal body Weight Calculator: Losing weight starts with knowing what your healthy weight should be. It's not only important for the individuals of your company; a healthier "them" will also benefit your healthcare cost bottom line.

Healthy Eating iPhone App: It's called Munch 5-a-day; it's a Free app which helps you eat more fruit and vegetables, and maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Help your employees & co-workers get healthy and share this app with them.

Offering gift cards as incentives for sticking to healthful resolutions is a great way to help people focus on the "wins" of their self-help campaign.

Workplace Safety Incentives and the Debate Over Getting it Right

Implementing a successful workplace safety program is not only a critical initiative, but it needs to remain a constant program and it needs to have built in ways to keep employees engaged in the program. There has been debate over the long term success of including incentives for safety metrics, not IF you should include them, but HOW to include them. Check out our blog for how workplace safety experts like OSHA approach incentives.

HR-Speak: Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Benefits Package?

Only 1/3 of people feel that their company does a good job communicating their benefits to them…these companies are leaving a great company investment unleveraged. The benefits and incentives you offer are a huge asset to your company not only when recruiting, but on an ongoing basis for retaining employees and maintaining employee loyalty.

Did you know that a strong benefits & incentive communication strategy could also reduce health care costs? Click here to start improving your benefits & incentive communications for 2012.


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GCP's gift card usage white paper is here

We published a link to this report in our last eNews, but in case you missed it ... the results from our gift card incentive survey, The 2011 Gift Card Usage White Paper, can be downloaded here. The report includes a guide to how corporations and companies of all sizes are using gift cards as incentives for employee, customer, and partner engagement.

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