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B2B Gift Card Study - Trends In Industry Behaviors

On-Demand Webcast


In March 2015, GiftCard Partners commissioned Shapiro+Raj Research to interview an updated sample of 1,000 consumers nationwide.

The research obtained compared the fluctuations from our 2013 B2B Gift Card study, and expanded on the understanding of receipt and redemption of gift cards, specifically through B2B channels.

The research also provided new insight on how gift cards motivate new store visits, lift on redemptions, and incremental sales.

Watch the webcast recording to discover:

  • The effect B2B gift cards have when acquired through the B2B channels

  • How gift cards generate incremental sales

  • The power of gift cards in acquiring new customers

  • The lift produced through gift card redemption

  • The state of third party

Your webcast panelists:

Edward Shulkin | President & co-CEO, GiftCard Partners, Inc.

Deborah Merkin | CEO, GiftCard Partners, Inc.

Matthew Smith | Vice chairman, Shapiro+Raj