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Dads and Grads: Beyond Writing a Check

Posted, by Rachel (Merkin) Welt on 06/06/2010

The Dads and Grads season is again upon us. So this year, before you dig out the checkbook, think about personalizing your gift a little further. Checks and cash can be easy, and might save you a trip to the store, but personalizing a gift for a dad or a grad can mean more, and involve you spending less. Gift cards are more personal than cold hard cash, and give your gift receiver a better idea of the giver’s intentions for how the money should be spent. For example, it is fun for a college grad to think of being able to splurge on some new clothes, or a spa day instead of thinking of their impending loan payments. Adding some personalization in a gift can go along way. So before you whip out the checkbook, think of your recipient, and add some value without spending more money.

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