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Jennifer DiPietro

Jennifer DiPietro has been managing B2B gift card programs since 2010. A lover of social media, she has recently decided to get back into blogging as well as delve deeper into the world of marketing. Native to New England, she enjoys the beauty of the coast, but also loves the cold, snowy winters. She is obsessed with Boston sports and the Denver Broncos.
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America's Favorite Casual Dining: The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory was recently named America's Favorite Casual Dining Restaurant in the 2016 Consumer Picks Survey from Nation's Restaurant News. The restaurant also moved up 2 spots to number 6 for the top 25 restaurant chains

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National Nurses Week 2016

Each year National Nurses Week kicks off on May 6, Nurses Day. The week commences on May 12th on the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. The theme for National Nurses Week 2016 is “Culture of Safety: It Starts With YOU”.  This year's theme honors the contributions nurses make every day to the safety and collaboration in healthcare.

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Incentives in Corporate Wellness Survey

While the number of wellness programs continues to grow, we can’t help but wonder which incentives in corporate wellness are truly motivating employees to participate in programs and, most importantly, to stay well. There is still so much to learn about what works best in wellness and we are quickly learning that there is no one-size fits all motivator and motivation can be both
intrinsic and

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3 Steps for Measuring Customer Loyalty and Rewards

While getting a customer in your store for the first time is important, in order for your success in retail, the focus needs to be placed on repeat business. It is 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep one. Customer loyalty programs work well, but most businesses may be getting it wrong. Here are 3 steps for measuring customer loyalty and rewards ideas.
Track Customer Purchasing Habits  In order to measure the effectiveness of a loyalty program we need to record the number of new customer vs. the number of repeat customers. This is the very basic first step, tracking who is coming in and what they have purchased. The easiest way to obtain this information is through a connected POS system. A connected POS system automatically sets up customer profiles and tracks their purchases every time they return. This helps provide retailers with an insightful analysis of their customer base. Having linked loyalty cards/spending cards also helps in tracking customer purchases.
Calculate Important Metrics Simple metrics can help a retailer know whether or not their loyalty program is impacting their customers. Some important metrics to consider:

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CVS Pharmacy® April Wellness Newsletter

Top stories from the CVS Pharmacy® April Wellness Newsletter!

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Wellness has become a fundamental part of a company's benefits program. 70% of employers now offer employees a general wellness program. This edition of the CVS Pharmacy® April Wellness Newsletter focuses on using rewards and incentives to encourage healthy behavior changes, resources on how to maintain engagement and secure long-term program success, CVS news and more.  Read below for more on what this edition has to offer.

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