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Lauren McAuley

Lauren McAuley is the Marketing Manager at GiftCard Partners and is responsible for managing the marketing and program development of GiftCard Partners clients' brands. Formerly a resident of the sunshine state, she's now a farm girl in the middle of Iowa. She's a big believer of keeping things short and sweet, getting to the point, and being helpful in the process.
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The 3 R’s and their place in Customer Loyalty

Promo Marketing released an article this week that gave some insight into customer loyalty and the need for revolution. The simple, straight forward formula they offer does not necessarily lead you to the customer loyalty "pot of gold" but it's definitely a treasure map. Introducing, The 3 R's. Reward, Recognition, Relevance These three words should be constantly intertwined with the term customer loyalty, but how well are they being implemented? Maybe another ‘R’ word will catch your attention...Repetition. Reward, Recognition, Relevance The
Reward can be as simple as a Thank You. Thanking your customers for their loyalty to your brand or business is easy and inexpensive. Try giving them a discount, a chance to earn points, or rewarding the women in your office with a gift card to The Limited or the men in your office with a gift card to AutoZone.
Recognition is a way the show your customer that you appreciate them for choosing your brand or business when they could have just as easily gone to your competitor. Lastly,
Relevance is key. In a day in age that throws more information at customers than pick-up lines at a singles bar, you could be reaching a customer who is overwhelmed and exhausted; the last thought in their mind being to process your message. So, keep it relevant, put yourself in front of the eyes that want to see you. Don't try playing football at a baseball game. As hard as it might be to practice, quality is better than quantity in the case of customer loyalty. Remember the 3 R’s and it could put you on the track to success.
Read more on The Three ‘R’s to Successful Customer Loyalty, here.

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Keep Your Employees Motivated on a Limited Budget

Employers and employees alike are hit hard by their company’s limited funds. Keeping a motivated workforce doesn't have to drain your budget. And it doesn’t have to drain your time and energy either. If raises and bonuses are out of the question, employers are forced to get creative in order to keep motivation high, and to reward and recognize their employees. Forbes recent article titled, “5 Ways to Keep Your Employees Motivated Without Breaking the Bank,” outlines several ways for employers to implement creative ideas, that are also unique, and most importantly budget-friendly. One such idea is, have a ‘Boss Does Your Work’ promotion. This fun incentive works great in an office with a break room and bathrooms that employees are in charge of keeping clean. Consider offering employees the chance to have their managers take over these chores for the month, in turn for meeting specific goals. If you know your employees are looking for a little extra, gift cards to SUBWAY for a healthy lunch can work perfectly. Or, say ‘Thank You’ to them and their family with a night out to dinner with Boston Market or The Cheesecake Factory gift cards.
Discover more creative ideas for motivating employees without ‘Breaking the Bank’ by reading the full article here. Can you think of anymore?

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Operation Gift Cards- Supporting the Troops

What do organizations like the Soldier Family Assistance Center, the Fisher Houses, the Mologne House, the Navy Lodge, the Red Cross, and the Bethesda Causality Affairs Office all have in common? They are working with Operation Gift Card to give back to the men and women who have given so much for our country. Donations of $71,000 in gift certificates and special group product donations have been delivered by these organizations for both wounded troops and their families. Operation Gift Cards began in October of 2005 and in the past 7 years has also sent 6,810 thank you kits, containing $136,000 in military store gift certificates to our wounded soldiers. For more information on this amazing organization or to learn how you can send a ‘Thank You’ to our troops, visit
Operation Gift Cards. GiftCard Partners sells gift cards in bulk and offers discounts to organizations like Operation Gift Card every day. If you are interested in sending a bulk gift card order to Operation Gift Card,
contact us today!

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Need Subscribers? Use Gift Cards

Not seeing the response rate you're hoping for when it comes to your company’s news, emails and promotions? The answer could be as simple and as affordable as gift cards. If you feel like you’re pulling teeth to get people to interact or respond to your content then this small reward can go a long way in changing that. Purchasing gift cards in bulk saves you money and also guarantees you have enough plastic incentives for all your prospects, all year long. Gift cards are a perfect way to incentivize or reward future prospects for thinking twice before clicking that delete button and moving an inch to the right and clicking that golden 'subscribe' button; thus giving you the possibility of reaching a new audience. If you are reaching out to a relatively small audience then a $5 or $10 gift card to
CVS/pharmacy or
SUBWAY could be offered as an incentive to subscribe or give a referral. Not only are gift cards great for working within a tight budget but they also offer you the opportunity to grow your company's database and eventually capture leads & sales.

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Reward Your Employees this Valentine's Day with a Gift They Can Give

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, many are gearing up to figure out just the right gift for their significant other. Why not take the worry and stress out of finding that “perfect” gift that usually comes with a gift receipt and another trip to the store. Calling all employers! Valentine's day is a great time to exercise that wonderful incentive or loyalty program you’ve just put in place. Show you care by rewarding your employees with gift cards to 
CVS/pharmacy so they can reward the ones they love. While the gentlemen are scratching their heads on whether to grab the Small shirt, so not to offend their wife, or trying to decide if her favorite color is purple even though she’s been wearing a lot of black lately, there is an easy solution. A gift card to Catherines or Lane Bryant
 will ensure she gets exactly what she wants and leave him out of the dog house this February 14th. The women in the office may be having some trouble of their own. They can get their guy the gift that keeps on giving with an
AutoZone Gift Card…for the other love of his life. Or give him the chance to revamp his wardrobe with a gift card to
Burlington Coat Factory. Use this Valentine's Day as an opportunity to reward your employees hard work and let them reward their loved ones.    

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