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How Employee Recognition Links to Office Parties

Raises, promotions, extra time off, these words may be a risky topic for employers to discuss when they are working on a tighter budget than last year. Not to mention looking for employee recognition ideas for more and more employees doing  a job well done. Incentive Magazine talks about the
“Power of Perks” and how leading organizations are recognizing their value and trying to find how it can fit into their organization. Finding a way to acknowledge the hard work of your employees as a whole can be as easy and affordable as an office party, and the most important part of a party: office catering. Ever heard the expression, the quickest way to an employee’s heart is through their stomach? Boston Market recognized this and made it easy for employers to feed their workforce on a budget; offering discounted rates on volume purchases of their new Boston Market Catering eGift Card. Mass employee recognition doesn't need to be time consuming, expensive, or dreaded. Getting the office together in a social setting helps take some of the stress from the work week off their shoulders and gives employers the chance to celebrate achievements, goals reached and success of the company WITH their employees.
Learn more about the perks and savings of using Boston Market Catering eCertificates for your company’s office catering needs.

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How to Help Employees’ Families for the Holidays

Damaging storms, tight finances as we approach the holidays, and stressful political and economic times…what can we do to ease the burdens? Although it’s not always possible to give holiday bonuses during the tough times, there are less expensive things we can do to help our employees’ families. When offering cash bonuses, it’s difficult to decide if the dollar amount hits the spot for the employee. However, a gift card for a full family meal or 2 at
Boston Market, will hit the spot. Research tells us that 61% of employees would be satisfied with a $25 gift card, and 88% of employees would be satisfied with a gift

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