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How Nonprofits Use Gift Cards for Volunteer Recognition

Many nonprofits utilize gift cards as recognition and incentives for donors, staff, volunteers, and the strategic partners that keep them afloat. Some nonprofits are charities or service organizations; all with tight budgets. However, regardless of budget, incentives play an important role in motivating constituencies to maintain the critical behaviors that keep the nonprofit working and alive. Corporations regularly utilize incentives as good business practice and the nonprofits that follow suite find great rewards. They remain top of mind for the people they need most. One 501c3 organization that responded to GCP’s Gift Card Usage Survey, advocates for physically and mentally challenged adults, and they offer gift cards to employees as workplace incentives and as holiday gifts. They stated, “Our employees are very passionate about the work that they do providing support for individuals with
disabilities, so it is nice to be able to provide a little incentive for them.” The Points of Light Institute states that National Volunteer Week is about “inspiring, recognizing and encouraging people to seek out imaginative ways to engage in their communities”. How will you continue to inspire and reward your volunteers, donors, and constituencies? Is your nonprofit looking to incent, engage, and reward with volunteer incentives? 
Download our Incentives in the Workplace eBook to learn strategies and real organizations’ stories of how they use gift cards to incent, motivate, recognize and reward volunteers and donors.

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Proud of New England, Proud of our Client – CVS Caremark

I’m a native Rhode Islander and proud that CVS hails from Little Rhodie. I’m also a Boston Lover, living in Boston proper and the suburbs for almost 20 years. I love seeing generosity for special support projects, but this one touches our hearts at GiftCard Partners with our headquarters located approximately ½ through the Boston Marathon Route. CVS/pharmacy is our client and we seek to represent the best of the best retailers in the U.S. to promote and sell their gift cards into the B2B market. We are very proud of how our client has stepped up in support of the victims and families affected by the Boston bombings. CVS Caremark and CVS/pharmacy has donated over $750,000 to
The One Fund Boston. Proud to be local to this wonderful place and all the companies and people willing to help! Check out:
CVS Caremark Donates Over $750,000 to The One Fund Boston Month-long in-store fundraising campaign in Boston-area CVS/pharmacy locations raises more than $650,000 to support victims of Boston Marathon attack CVS Caremark's private foundation previously donated $100,000 to The One Fund Boston

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The People are Speaking – Boston Market IT IS

As you commit to volume gift card purchases for your loyalty & rewards programs or corporate employee programs, you want to know that the public thinks highly of the brands you include.
Boston Market is ranking high on the list of fast-casual restaurants this holiday season and it’s sure to hold strong into 2013. Check out Boston Market’s recent record sales news:
Home Style Restaurant Chain Achieves History-Making Sales During Its Busiest Week of the Year and you will see not only great sales results for the company, but the value they offer to families across the U.S. In an effort to support the New York and New Jersey victims of Hurricane Sandy, Lowe’s distributed more than 22,000 FREE family meals from Boston Market, serving 136,000 people affected by the storm. This resulted in Boston Market’s single largest order in their history. GCP is proud to offer Boston Market gift cards to those buying in bulk.

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Socializing Rewards Points

The Citi Thank You Program is revolutionizing the use of rewards points. Imagine being able to share points with your friends to save up for a get-away weekend, or save up points with one friend for another friends' birthday present. Many people pool points for gift cards from retailers who partner with Citi to make their gift cards available through the Citi ThankYou program such as CVS/Pharmacy and Charming Shoppes stores. This allows consumers to use points for gift cards for themselves, or to use as gifts, giving the recipient of the gift a chance to choose their own gift. You could even pool points with friends and family to make a group contribution to a good cause. Well, now you can. The new Citi ThankYou Point Sharing App on Facebook allows groups of friends to pool points in order to redeem the value of the points for a bigger reward. This app is the beginning of a revolution in monetizing social media. This app is allowing users to move assets and share funds through Facebook, a social media platform. This app will soon promote itself, benefiting not just the Citi ThankYou Program, but its users and potential users as well. The more people use the Point Sharing App, the more people will post on Facebook about it, making the App and its use go viral across the platform. A rewards program that rewards itself, an incentive social media innovation.
For more information on the Citi ThankYou Points Sharing App check out the pymnts.com article.

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Top 5 Reasons Why The Children's Place is Perfect for Scrip

Your Scrip purchase decision makers use a wide variety of gift card brands for their participants. Whether they are fundraising or using gift cards for budgeting purposes; they want brands that they shop for on a regular basis. Here are the top 10 reasons why The Children's Place (TCP) is a perfect Scrip choice.

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