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New Research Reveals Cards Drive Increased Spending, Visits and Willingness to Support Social Marketing

It isn’t new for us to hear that prepaid cards are great motivators and incentives. But a new loyalty and prepaid survey reveals just how much prepaid has affected consumer spending habits and long term adoption when used in the B2B space as incentives. Here, we outline some of the most interesting tidbits and pair them with our market observations and viewpoints. Let us know your thoughts via the comments field.

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What do Groupon, Facebook and Gift Cards have in common?

They are all top of mind for consumers. As you read through this feature, consider what this could all mean for the B2B gift card market via incentives and loyalty programs. How can these programs be enhanced by social media and consumer trends like group couponing? Move over Groupon, Mr. 50 million strong. Facebook’s 600 million users are offered-up some of your group couponing action. But, is there really room for another Groupon?

Business Insider’s Groupon survey suggests YES, as they start to see Groupon’s regular users become less active over time…

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A better way to buy gift cards in bulk

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