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Incentive Experts Point to Gamification as Top Incentive Trend

For many employers, making the connection between “games” at work and increased productivity can be a tough leap to make. But evidence of the success of gamification increasingly piles up and now there are many corporate success trends we can point to. Yet, the term “gamification” and the motivation technique is becoming a cornerstone of corporate and employee incentive programs. Snowfly, an employee recognition and incentive company reports over 2,700,000 hits on Google for the term, over 150 million of their corporate performance games have been played, and they expect gamification to be a 2.8 billion dollar business by 2015.1 In
Snowfly’s 16 Key Findings for Success white paper, they tout that their workplace games have a 93% participant approval rate within incentive and employee performance programs, yet the national approval average for traditional programs hovers around 45%.2 Many more key discoveries and lessons learned can be found in the
white paper. In
Incentive Research Foundation’s (IRF) recent top trends webinar, they list gamification as #4 out of their
12 Trends in Rewards and Recognition for 2012. IRF white paper outlines Gartner Group’s prediction “that by 2015, half of all managed innovation processes will include game mechanics, and that by 2014, 70% of all the Global 2000 organizations will have at least one “gamified application” in place.3 The future seems quite bright for this innovative interactive method of motivating, incenting, and rewarding. Are you using such techniques yet? Sources: 1 & 2:
Gamification after Twelve Years and 150 Million Games: 16 Key Findings for Success 3:
IRF Trends &
Gartner’s report: Gartner Says By 2015, More Than 50 Percent of Organizations That Manage Innovation Processes Will Gamify Those Processes

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Keeping Meaning in Rewards

Rewarding employees can become trite and lose its meaning. Sometimes coming up with interesting ways to recognize exceptional employees like presenting a public reward or giving an innovative gift such as a gift card, instead of cash can make the reward more meaningful. Here are a few quick criteria for keeping meaning in your employee rewards program.

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12 Trends in Rewards & Recognition

I had the pleasure of attending the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) 12 Trends in Rewards & Recognition webinar last week. It was a truly well put together and extremely professional event; I don’t tend to take these attributes for granted these days. And the
post webinar white paper download is filled with survey results, studies, insights, economic climate conditions, mobile technology implications in the workplace, the latest engagement techniques, and so much more. During the webinar, they noted that they’d release 2 new studies about the use of prepaid cards as incentives and rewards and
11 new studies and white papers on the use of rewards, recognition, and motivational meetings in the workplace. Here are IRF’s top 12 Trends, do take the time to download the white paper; it’s a must read for employers involved with engagement, motivation, recognition, and rewards…the things that keep your business ticking!

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Keeping Loyalty Alive: Loyalty Program Ideas for the New Year

Loyalty Programs are an important facet of the incentive industry for B2B gift cards or buying gift cards in bulk. Gift cards have been touted as one of the most coveted gifts in universe (well, pretty much). Are you offering gift cards for reward points as a way to keep your loyalty program alive with customers? In a recent article “5 Ways to Keep Loyalty Points from Expiring”, it’s noted that the massive quantities of rewards points that consumers hold “has created a headache for the companies that offer them”.  BUT – aren’t these “loads of points” also an opportunity for loyalty programs to try to engage customers 1 last time? Will offering highly coveted gift cards for points get these folks back in the game? Surely the engaged customer is more valuable than the dormant one. This article highlights great ways for consumers to keep their points in play, but these tactics should also be looked at as strategies, by the programs themselves, to promote the ongoing use of their program. Consumer or program provider…
take a look at these loyalty program strategies for the new year. Source:
The Toronto Star:
5 Ways to Keep Loyalty Points from Expiring

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Minimizing Holiday DUI's with Gift Cards

The Ventura, CA community is taking innovative steps to minimize drunk driving this holiday season. A group of Ventura County bars and restaurants is taking part in a safety rewards program funded by a local government grant. The participating businesses are giving away small spot rewards, such as gas cards to dedicated designated drivers throughout the holiday season. Larger items are also raffled off during special drawing nights. The program rewards good drivers, but has also garnered the support of the community by making the roads safer and putting citizens at ease during the holidays, knowing that drivers are being incented to stay safe. Does your community use these types of rewards for good behavior? Should we need to use spot safety rewards to keep citizens within the rules of the law? Let us know what you think, and leave a comment!  
To read more about the Ventura County DUI Safety Rewards Program click here.

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