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Happy Dads, Happy Employees: Digital Gift Cards for Father’s Day

My father-in-law just turned 80! What did we give him for his birthday? An iPhone…well, pretty much...it’s complicated. Turns out you can’t buy a phone for someone due to contracts, phone number transitions, etc. So we printed a picture of an iPhone and gave him gift cards to buy his phone. What’s my point? He is 80 and he still loves his gadgets. Now, Dads love their gadgets within gadgets, like virtual and mobile gift cards.  “Most Dads love their gadgets and now family members can give unique virtual or mobile gift cards with personalized messages that stay with them on their mobile device,” said Doug Schneider, CEO, Transaction Wireless. “Social gifting is gaining in popularity and Facebook postings give loved ones a public forum to express their feelings and appreciation for dad.” Employers can embrace holidays like Father’s Day and make a Dad feel special with spot rewards and gifting virtual and mobile gift cards. High performance, corporate recognition, safety, sales motivation and achievements…there are many ways to commemorate your employees’ fatherhood.

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Healthy Babies, Happy Moms

In Cumberland County, NJ the infant mortality rate is 8.9 per 1000 births.  This is believed to be the result of mothers missing prenatal doctor's visits.  The county has recently launched a program where mothers can receive gift cards, or other types of incentives for making their prenatal appointments on time.  This program is ensuring the health of babies and mothers in an area where health professionals struggle to get mothers the proper prenatal care.

This kind of program is very similar to other health and wellness programs, such as office weight loss groups, who are increasingly offering incentives to employees making healthy lifestyle choices.  Have you used a program like this in your office or community?  Leave us a comment and let us know.

GiftCard Partners’ client CVS/Pharmacy offers a Select Card which is perfect for health and wellness programs, as it is redeemable on only healthy items such as Baby Care, Allergy remedies, First Aide, Pain relievers, Home Diagnostics, Oral Hygiene, Stomach medicine, Nicotine Replacements, and Eye and Ear Care and filters out purchases such as cigarettes and Alcohol.

For more information on the Cumberland County "Baby Love" program click here

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Three C's to Maximize your Gift Card Incentive

Selecting the right gift card for your incentive program can be challenging.  You want to satisfy your employees and not break your budget.  Here are the "three C's" of maximizing your gift card incentive program:

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More Ways to Use Social Media for Employee Recognition

To build on our post last week regarding use of
Social Media for Employee Recognition (article can be found by clicking here) we would like to provide some additional strategies for employee recognition in the age of social media.

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Social Media and Employee Recognition

Everyone uses social media to communicate what they are doing and how they are feeling, good or bad, positive or negative.  It is a way to broadcast your thoughts in a largely unfiltered environment.  Furthermore social media is unescapable, and infiltrates our lives more and more as social media practices progress.  So why not use social media as a vehicle for employee recognition?  It gets the message out from an original source, there is a widespread audience seeing the recognition, and the employee gets recognized instantaneously for good behavior, or a professional achievement.  To learn more about
social media employee recognition click here.

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