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GiftCard Partners

Our gift card brands in action, successful uses in wellness

Our gift card brands are used in programs throughout the healthcare industry to encourage initial participation and reward  long-term healthy behaviors.

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See how we've worked directly with companies to include gift cards in their program.

CVS Select Corporate Gift Cards

Employee Engagement

A leading financial corporation used CVS Select® gift cards to engage employees in their wellness program. As new health goals were met, additional funds were reloaded onto gift cards.

CVS Flu Shot eGift Cards

Flu Shot Awareness

A health & wellness solution program provider offered CVS Pharmacy® Flu Shot eGift cards to Fortune 100 customers’ employees as part of their corporate wellness program.

Visa Corporate Gift Cards

Program Participation

We worked with a nationally-managed care health plan for 2.2M Medicaid members to develop a custom Visa pre-paid card to use as an incentive in their “Healthy Behaviors Reward Program.”

Whole Foods Corporate Gift Cards

Program Participation

An ACO offered Medicare members Whole Foods Market® gift cards for partaking in a health nutrition class to learn how to make healthy lifestyle choices and provide nutritional inspiration for behavior change. 

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Drive Wellness Engagement with Incentives

Join a team of wellness professionals as they discuss the most popular incentives used today, how population and goals affect the incentives you offer, and how to overcome common challenges with the administration process.

Sponsored by  CVS Pharmacy Corporate Gift Card Program

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