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Making Sense Of Wellness Programs

On-Demand Webcast


Join us as Dr. James Kelley, host of the Brave Endurance Podcast, sits down with corporate wellness industry leaders Al Lewis and Renae Coombs.

In this webcast recording, you'll learn:

  • The who, what, where, when and why of successful incentive program offerings
  • Exploration of industry feedback and research provided by GiftCard Partners and Corporate Health and Wellness Association survey results on the types of incentives that work to truly engage employees
  • Industry insights into the role and effect of incentive-centric programs and support, both currently and in the future.

Four out of five employers offer wellness programs with the expectation that they will improve employee health and productivity and reduce their health plan costs.

But despite broad access to wellness programs, employee participation has been limited, leading employers to experiment with incentives to encourage participation.

Is a comprehensive program enough, or must employers offer employee incentives to make wellness work?

Your webcast panelists:

Deborah Merkin | CEO, GiftCard Partners, Inc.

Dr. Alfred Lewis | Author and instructor, Why Nobody Believes the Numbers, Population Health Outcomes Measurement

Renae Coombs | Benefits, wellness and compensation manager, SAIF Corporation

Moderator: Dr. James Kelly | Host, Brave Endurance Podcast

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