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 Interested in B2B gift cards?

At $45 billion, the B2B gift card market is robust, dynamic, and continues to evolve. Get insights on payment trends, technology, redemption patterns, new channels for growth, and more.

Download the eBookUsing Gift Cards to Engage Your Workforce

Creative ways to reward and engage your employees throughout the year, and within budget.

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The Evolving B2B Gift Card Channel

Estimated at $45 billion, the B2B gift card marketplace is robust, dynamic, and continues to grow.

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5 Ways to Increase Your Gift Card Sales

Calling all retailers and merchants! Check out 5 easy ways to increase your gift card sales.

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Emerging Trends in Gift Card Behavior and Usage

More than 40% of customers acquire gift cards through various B2B sources. Does this affect you?

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GiftCard Partners’ Gift Card Usage Survey White Paper

Learn innovative ways to incent and reward for desired behaviors, actions and outcomes.

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B2B Gift Card Study – Trends in Industry Behaviors

Weocmpared the fluctuations from our 2013 B2B Gift Card study and expanded on the understanding of receipt and redemption of gift cards, specifically through B2B channels.

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U.S. Survey on B2B Gift Card Usage

We set out to gain better insight on the frequency and incidence of gift card receipt and redemption, how gift cards motivate store visits and purchases, how gift cards are acquired through the B2B channels and more.

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