CVS Select® B2B Gift Cards

Why is the CVS Select® Card the Perfect Workplace Incentive?

The CVS Select Card is a gift card that is utilized within workplace and corporate health and wellness programs. It makes the perfect incentive to keep your employees healthy, rewarded and motivated.

Deb Merkin, COO for GiftCard Partners, answers some commonly asked questions about the CVS Select Card:

How is this card different from the regular CVS gift card?

The CVS Select Card is a selectively filtered card which only debits on “Healthy” items. This includes allergy products, baby products, oral hygiene, vitamins, pain relievers, prescription drugs and co-pays, etc. The card will not debit when a customer tries to purchase unhealthy items such as candy, alcohol, and cigarettes.

Click to view the Select Card flyer, accepted CVS Select Card product categories are listed.

Why did CVS create this card?

This card was created to meet the needs of organizations in the health and wellness and Medicaid marketplace. These are corporations, small businesses, and organizations that reward employees for wellness successes like losing weight or for participating in a smoking cessation program.

Examples: The Select card allows employers to reward employees, without enabling them to purchase cigarettes after putting them through a “stop smoking” program.  State administered health programs can save money by avoiding costly, unnecessary visits to an emergency room.  Patients can be rewarded for things like bringing a child for scheduled doctor well visits and catching illnesses before they become an issue. This helps prevent patients from ending up in the Emergency room which ultimately costs all parties involved, more money.

Who benefits from purchasing this card?

Companies that offer incentives and reward for healthy behavior; it saves money on health insurance premiums and absenteeism costs for companies, and it can help keep premium contributions in check for employees.

Companies also offer the CVS Select card as incentives for sales, spot, safety rewards.

How do I find out what product I can buy with this card?

You can purchase the Select Card through the CVS/pharmacy B2B gift card group. GiftCard Partners offers several discount levels for gift card purchases based on annual volume.



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