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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Gift Cards
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Retailers & Merchants

Gift Card Program Management FAQs - Learn about managing gift card programs effectively.

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Ordering & Account FAQs - Find answers about ordering and managing your account.

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Gift Card FAQs - Get information on gift card-related inquiries for business-to-business transactions.

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Retailers & Merchants

Gift Card Program Management FAQs - Learn how to efficiently manage gift card programs for your business.

What is gift card program management?

Gift card program management involves overseeing the entire process of creating, implementing, and maintaining your brand's gift card program. This includes design, distribution, marketing, tracking, and customer support.

Can GiftCard Partners guide me in selecting the right gift card processor and vendor for my gift card program?

Yes, GiftCard Partners has industry expertise and can assist you in choosing the appropriate gift card processor and vendor to meet your program's needs.

How can GiftCard Partners help us with marketplace strategy for our gift card program?

GiftCard Partners' experts analyze data and create customized marketplace strategies, ensuring your gift cards are strategically positioned to maximize visibility and sales.

How can GiftCard Partners enable customers to purchase my brand's gift cards directly from my website?

GiftCard Partners provides technology solutions such as a consumer gift card portal as well as an appeasement portal integrated directly on your brand’s website, facilitating seamless gift card purchases on your website.

How can GiftCard Partners help me build a customized gift card program for my brand?

GiftCard Partners specializes in providing end-to-end solutions to create customized gift card programs, driving sales and brand growth.

How can I maximize my brand's reach with gift cards?

To maximize reach, promote your gift card program across various channels, such as your website, social media, email campaigns, and physical store locations. Partnering with gift card aggregators or resellers can also expand your program's visibility.

How can I track gift card sales and redemptions?

Gift card service providers, like GiftCard Partners, are able to build customizable reports that analyze your sales through multiple channels. Utilize these data insights to analyze customer behavior and optimize your gift card program.

How does my company launch a branded gift card program?

Work with a knowledgeable gift card service provider, who acts as an extension of your team. GiftCard Partners will help you understand the laws, redemption strategies. To launch your gift card program, begin by defining program goals, set up a GiftCo in an escheat friendly state and choose a gift card processor. We know how to expand your gift card sales visibility in distribution channels which match your brand and company goals.

How does GiftCard Partners help me analyze and identify effective sales channels across distribution partners?

GiftCard Partners provides a reporting module that helps you target and optimize sales across all distribution channels, identifying the most effective distribution partners.

How does GiftCard Partners help me expand my brand's reach through distribution channel partners?

GiftCard Partners has key relationships within the industry, enabling them to open up or expand distribution channels, including retail racks, employee reward programs, health and wellness programs, loyalty programs, and more.

What types of businesses benefit most from a gift card program?

Almost any business can benefit from a gift card program. Retailers, restaurants, service providers, and e-commerce companies, among others, can all capitalize on increased revenue, brand recognition and customer loyalty.

What are the benefits of offering physical and eGift cards?

Offering both physical and eGift cards caters to different customer preferences. Physical cards provide a tangible gift option for a job well done, while eGift cards offer instant delivery, making them ideal for last-minute purchases.

What benefits can I expect by being a part of the $180 billion gift card industry with branded gift cards?

Branded gift cards offer unique opportunities to increase sales, brand awareness, and loyalty, and GiftCard Partners can help you tap into this lucrative market.

What expertise does GiftCard Partners offer in terms of brand protection and compliance?

GiftCard Partners handles branding approvals and program development, ensuring your brand is in compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Can I offer gift cards with variable amounts?

Yes, providing gift cards with variable amounts allows customers to choose the value they want to gift, accommodating their budget and preferences.


Ordering & Account FAQs - Find solutions for ordering and managing your EngageReward™ account.

How do I enroll with Engage2Reward™ account?

You can set up an account by visiting our Engage2Reward Platform page and selecting Get Access, or contact our team via this form or (888) E2R-2266 with any questions.
Once you fill out the onscreen form(s) you will be contacted by an Engage2Reward™ Account Team Member to discuss your needs.

How can I order Gift Cards?

Once your account is approved, you will login, navigate to the Create Order, select your delivery type and search for your desired product for purchase.

How many brands are available?

We offer over 300 gift card brands to choose from, providing a wide variety of options.

How long does it take to process my order?

Once payment has been processed, average order time for delivery is as follows:
Digital card order: within 24 hours.
Physical card order: 5-7 business days to fulfill your order, plus ship time.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We offer payment options such as ACH, wire transfer, Zelle and credit card payments.

Are discounts available?

Yes, discounts are available for orders that meet certain requirements. Discounts vary by brand and by order volume. You will work with your account management team to discuss what discounts you qualify for.

Do you offer open loop cards like Visa and Amex?

Yes, we offer open-loop gift cards like Visa and Amex, providing more versatility for your rewards program.

Do I have to do anything with the cards once they are delivered?

1.    Once you've received your order, log in to your account.
2.    Navigate to 'My Account' then 'Order History'.
3.    Click the Order ID of the order you would like to activate.
4.    In the Order Details section, click the Activate button.

Do you require a minimum quantity or dollar value per order?

There are no minimums to place an order. However,  for a bulk discount there is a minimum order of $1,000

How can I add new gift cards to our companies selection?

Please reach out to your account manager or email support@engage2reward.com to add new gift cards to your brand portfolio.

How do I check the status of my order?

Within the Engage2Reward™ platform you have complete access to order status. Our order management tool allows you to check the status of your order by OCN (Order Confirmation Number) as well as other search parameters so you can find the status of your order. You can also contact us directly by selecting the contact support link for any question or status of your order.

How do Digital / eGift cards work?

Digital (email or text delivery) gift cards can be delivered in either bulk or direct delivery (based on your account preferences). Bulk digital gift cards are delivered to a single email address where you send each individual gift card URL to the recipient. For direct delivery, you fill out a form on within the Engage2Reward™ gift card ordering platform with the recipients’ credentials and we will deliver the digital gift card to the email addresses you provided. Each digital card within the file will be in the form of a URL, when you click on that link it opens the gift card in a web browser, where the recipient can redeem their gift card

How do physical card orders work?

Physical gift cards can be delivered in either bulk or direct delivery (based on your account preferences). Bulk physical gift cards are delivered to a single mailing address where you manage the distribution of the gift card to intended recipients. For direct delivery, you fill out a form on the Engage2Reward™ gift card ordering platform with the recipients physical addresses and we will deliver the physical gift card to the addresses you provided. Physical direct delivery cards will be individual envelopes with a card on the carrier.

Do you offer physical as well as digital gift cards?

Yes, we have both physical and digital gift cards available to suit your preferences and requirements.

Do I have to sign a contract?

The need for a contract may vary depending on the specific arrangements and services you require. Please contact us for more information on the terms and conditions.


Gift Card FAQs - Discover answers to gift card-related inquiries for B2B transactions.

Can businesses issue digital gift cards (eGift cards)?

Yes, our Engage2Reward™ Gift Card Ordering Platform enables businesses to issue convenient and instant eGift cards, digitally delivered via email or mobile text with personal messages reinforcing the reward, incentive or thank you for a job well done.

Can businesses use gift cards to attract new clients?

Yes, businesses can utilize GiftCard Partners Solutions to offer gift cards as promotional incentives, attracting new clients and rewarding them for signing up or making a first purchase.

How can businesses promote their brand's gift card offerings during holiday seasons?

Businesses can promote their gift card offerings during holiday seasons through email marketing, social media campaigns, in-store displays, collaborating with other joint promotions with distribution partners and businesses

How do I get gift cards for my company?

 You can obtain gift cards for your company through B2B gift card providers like GiftCard Partners, who offer solutions tailored to businesses and their specific needs.

How do I offer a gift card to my (small) business?

To offer gift cards for your small business, you can partner with gift card providers like GiftCard Partners, who offer B2B gift card solutions for various purposes such as employee engagement, customer loyalty, and safety adherence rewards

Is it cheaper to buy gift cards in bulk?

Yes, buying gift cards in bulk can often result in cost savings per card. Many providers offer volume discounts for large orders, making it cost-effective for businesses to purchase gift cards in bulk.

What are some success stories of businesses using B2B gift cards?

GiftCard Partners Solutions have facilitated numerous success stories for businesses, including increased customer retention, improved employee morale, and enhanced brand loyalty.

What is an appropriate gift card amount for a coworker?

The appropriate gift card amount for a coworker depends on the workplace culture, the relationship with the coworker, and the occasion. Generally, gift cards in the range of $25 to $50 are considered thoughtful and appropriate.

What is the best gift card for employees?

 The best gift card for employees depends on their preferences and interests. Consider offering the Engage2Reward™ Choice Card for offering over 250 eGift cards from popular retailers, restaurants, or online platforms and provide a wide range of options for your employees.

What is the most popular gift card to give for employee well-being?

The most popular gift cards to give vary depending on the region and audience. Common choices include major retailers like CVS Pharmacy®, and Walgreens.

Why are gift cards good for businesses?

Gift cards are beneficial for businesses as they can boost sales, increase customer loyalty, and attract new customers. They offer convenience to both businesses and customers, reduce fraud risk compared to traditional gift certificates, and can be used as effective tools for employee rewards and corporate incentives.

Why do companies give gift cards instead of cash?

Companies often give gift cards instead of cash to provide a more personalized and thoughtful gift option for their employees or clients. Gift cards also promote loyalty to specific brands and can be used as incentives or rewards.