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Guide to Incentivizing Study Participation with Gift Cards

Whether it’s an academic study or a commercial focus group, it's critical to recruit and maintain the right audience to ensure statistical significance to support a hypothesis or represent a buying group. The most straightforward way to recruit and maintain that audience is through incentives.  

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Happy Open Enrollment: 5 Tips for HR

Open enrollment season is a pivotal time for HR professionals and benefits administrators, offering a unique opportunity to engage employees and streamline their decision-making process regarding health benefits. This period can be daunting for employees as they navigate through various options, making it crucial for HR to provide support and clarity. By leveraging innovative incentive strategies, such as the Engage2Reward™ Gift Card Ordering Platform, HR can transform open enrollment from a routine administrative task into a positive, empowering experience for employees.

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Recognizing Safety Champions: Awarding Outstanding Safety Performance

Building a culture of health and safety within your company is important not just to keep employees safe, but to keep them engaged. Safety programs are one tool commonly used to formalize a culture of health and safety and to create opportunities for peer leadership by naming safety champions. Safety champions are employees who are not just responsible for their own safety but become peer leaders to promote health and safety across your workforce.  

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Rewarding Employee Safety Compliance with Incentives

Imagine a workplace where safety isn't just a rule but a celebrated part of the culture. How do you make that leap? The secret might just lie in a simple yet powerful tool: incentives. Let's explore how the right rewards can turn safety compliance from a must-do into a want-to, transforming your workplace in the process.

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Strategic Loyalty: Engaging Clients with Personalized Gift Cards

Personalization is emerging as the new standard for client interactions. For example, customized gifts constituted over 50% of corporate holiday gifting in 2022, reflecting clients' desire for tailored experiences2. Clients perceive personalization in business as positive experiences that make them feel valued and unique.

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