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Gen Z at Work: How to Manage & Motivate Generation Z in the Workplace

In an era where the workplace is evolving faster than ever, a new generation is stepping into the professional world with fresh perspectives and unique expectations. Generation Z, born between the late 1990s and early 2010s, is not just another cohort in the workforce; they are digital natives, social justice advocates, and flexibility enthusiasts.  

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How to Increase Productivity in the Workplace with Gift Cards

As we approach World Productivity Day on June 20th, a day recognized by the United Nations to focus on improving how we work and live, many employers are interested in increasing productivity in their workplaces. However, increasing productivity does not mean a promotion of “hustle culture” or a breakneck pace that leads to employee burnout.  

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Boosting Medicare Member Engagement with Gift Cards: A Winning Strategy

What if there was a powerful tool that could significantly enhance Medicare member participation and satisfaction? The 14th Medicare Star Ratings, HEDIS®, Quality & Risk event emphasizes the critical role of both member and provider engagement. This article explores the power of gift cards as incentives to boost Medicare member engagement, providing practical solutions and real-world examples to illustrate their effectiveness. 

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Effective Safety Incentive Programs: Dos and Don’ts

2.8 million cases were recorded of nonfatal injuries and illnesses in United States in 2022, averaging about 10 days away from work per incident of injury or illness.  

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The Power of Safety Incentives: How Visa® Reward Cards Improve Safety in Construction

In the world of construction, where every decision can mean the difference between success and catastrophe, safety isn't negotiable. It's a commitment to your team's well-being and the prosperity of your projects. Today, we unlock the secrets of how Visa Reward Cards are reshaping safety practices in the construction sector.

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