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The New Face of Marketing to Millennials: What Retailers Need to Know

Millennials are like marketing unicorns: tough to catch but oh-so-worthwhile when you do. Merchants are struggling with how to harness this power and use it to market to millennials, since the younger generation has tremendous spending power and is the largest growing segment of the American workforce.

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Incentives Industry Breakdown 2016

The incentives industry is thriving with 84% of U.S. businesses now using non-cash rewards to recognize and motivate their key audiences. Non-cash rewards come in many forms: from award points, gift cards, incentive travel, to merchandise, and more. In 2015, businesses spent $90 billion for these rewards and sales and employees are the largest audiences targeted when it comes to these non-cash rewards.

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Bringing Traditional Gift Cards to the Digital Age

In an effort to gain market share, Lyft and Starbucks have formed an interesting partnership involving gift cards and loyalty promotions. The promotion combines digital rewards with traditional gifting and gift cards. Here’s how it’s working...

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How to Reconnect and Build Customer Relationships

For many real estate agents, the relationship between agent and customer ends when the closing is complete. Houses are a long term investment for most and aren’t a frequently purchased item. However, there are proven ways to not only reconnect with customers but to build customer relationships. Here are 4 ways to accomplish both.

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Internal Factors Lead to Organizational Growth Issues

Organizational growth issues exist in some form at almost every company. There can often be a “chicken or the egg” mentality between two opposing factors that often lead to a scramble instead of a steady positive growth curve. Most companies blame this on external factors like funding, the market, or even a competitor move. However,
new research from Bain & Company shows that most organizational growth issues actually stem from within the organization. According to the survey of 400 executives:

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