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Helping Those In Need with Gift Card Rewards

Gift cards allow nonprofit organizations and charities to support individuals and families in a number of areas of life.

Gift cards can be used to aid and support:

Non Profit and Charity - Healthcare Conditions

Healthcare Conditions

Gift cards are used to cover prescription and health-related costs for the elderly and health-afflicted individuals.

non profits and charity Economic Conditions

Economic Conditions

Support families surviving an economic downturn by providing essential household items. 

non profits and charity Food Insecurity Conditions

Food Insecurity Conditions

Help individuals experiencing food insecurity by covering the cost of groceries with food gift cards.

non profits and charity Homeless Conditions

Homeless Conditions

Aid the resettlement of displaced or homeless families by helping cover the costs of basic necessities and services.

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Empowering Those Who Bring The Change

Gift card rewards also help support the internal operations of nonprofits and charities.

Organizations use gift cards to incentivize, reward, and recognize individuals. Some areas include:

non profits and charity Reward Hard-work

Reward Hard Work

Reward hard-working employees in your nonprofit for their passion and dedication with either gift cards or prepaid cards.

non profits and charity Supplement Necessities

Support Everyday Needs

Support everyday spend of your team members such as personal care items, food, gas, etc for your employees with a gift card.

Recognize Volunteers

Recognize Volunteers

Reward and recognize your organization's volunteers for their dedication and hard work with a gift card of their choice.

fundraising with scrip

Fundraise with Scrip

Raise funds for schools, churches & teams by buying gift cards for everyday purchases, a % of which goes back to the charity.

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Using Gift Card Rewards in Nonprofit Organizations and Charities

Gift card rewards provide a way to address populations impacted by social determinants of health. For vulnerable populations, covering basic, everyday expenses can be a constant struggle. Helping at-risk individuals and families cover these costs of basic necessities not only meets their needs, but also helps them retain their dignity and respect.

Nonprofit organizations can use gift cards to help recipients cover these everyday expenses and choose brands that support a better quality of life. More than just dollar amounts, gift cards provide specific and meaningful assistance to those who need it most.

Buy Bulk Gift Cards with Engage2Reward™ PlatformGift_Card_Partners_Services_Icon__8___1_-removebg-preview

GiftCard Partners works with nonprofit organizations and charities to identify and match the best gift cards for the people they are seeking to help. Our Engage2Reward™ Platform allows organizations to conveniently select the brands that make an impact in the lives of recipients. You’ll have what you need to provide immediate and effective assistance to those in need with gift cards.

Gift cards are an ideal way to aid at-risk populations due to:

  • Instant gratification: eGift cards are available with instant delivery.
  • Convenience: Place bulk gift card orders on any device and conveniently ship, email, or text your selections directly to the end recipient.
  • Something for everyone: Over 300 brands to choose from, select the gift cards that fulfill the needs of recipients.

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