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engage2reward-api-screenQuick & Seamless Integration

Gain access to over 300 unique gift card brands and integrate with your mobile app or other platform to seamlessly order and deliver gift cards directly to your recipients.

The Perfect Solution to any Rewards & Incentives Program

Choose from 300+ popular brands

A Robust Gift Card API Solution with a Variety of Benefits


The gift card API can be set up under multiple use cases, including the addition of gift cards into an already existing reward or incentive platform or as a cash-out alternative. Gift cards can be fulfilled individually or in bulk. Plastic and eGift card options are available. Automate the process of ordering gift cards through the Reward-Connect API solution.

fast-ordering-icon-bwRapid time to market

instand-delivery-icon-bwLightening-fast API responses

year-end-gift-icon-bwOver 300 Gift Card options


Order individual cards or in bulk

rebates-referrals-icon-bwDraw-down funds from a single account


Easily track card delivery


Extensive reporting

messaging-icon-bwCustom branding available with your corporate logo & messaging


Two-factor authentication protects your account & funds

“Engage2Reward helped us find the perfect solution to provide gift cards as an added employee benefit to our clients’ relocation packages. The gift card API connects seamlessly into our CRM system which streamlines our internal processes and frees up our customer support team. It’s also allowed us to further expand our program. Couldn’t be happier with the great service provided by Engage2Reward.”



- Plus Relocation, Global Mobility Company

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