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The Visa® Reward Card - Elevating Employee Recognition and Appreciation in 2024

In an era where talent retention and engagement are paramount, every business leader is in search of the perfect formula to inspire and appreciate their employees. Imagine a tool that not only acknowledges their contributions but also fuels their motivation? That's where the Visa® Reward Card takes the center stage.

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Top 10 Employee Recognition Ideas for the New Year

We often end the year thinking about employee recognition, filled with employee gifting, awards programs and peer-driven recognition opportunities. However, it’s just as important to be thinking about employee recognition to start the year as it is in December. So, for 2024, start your new year off right with our top 10 employee recognition ideas. Discover creative ways to show appreciation, boost morale and foster a culture of recognition within your organization all year round. 

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Top 5 Ways To Promote Employee Work-Life Balance in 2023

A successful organization should be fostering a healthy work-life balance for its employees in order to maintain any kind of consistent growth. Employees who experience burnout and stress will often take additional time off which inevitably affects the company’s bottom line. We've outlined the top 5 ways to help your organization support employees to reap the benefits of work-life balance.

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Guide to Open Enrollment Incentives: How to Have a Rewarding Open Enrollment Event

Open enrollment is defined as the annual period in which employees can make changes to their benefits for themselves and their dependents. For many companies, this period occurs at the end of the calendar year for the following year. Despite the fact that this enrollment period is a mechanism by which employees can take advantage (or fuller advantage) of employer subsidized benefits, HR teams still face challenges in getting employees to participate in the open enrollment period and often turn to enrollment incentives to encourage employees to participate, and do so on time.

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Maximizing the Effectiveness of Prepaid Cards to Boost Rewards and Incentives Programs

Maintaining an engaged workforce is top of mind for many employers in today’s competitive job market. Implementing effective employee reward and incentive programs with gift cards is a flexible, easy way to keep employees happy and provide positive reinforcement that fits any budget. When selecting the gift cards to use in your program you can select either prepaid cards or branded gift cards. Prepaid cards are retailer agnostic and come primarily from VISA® and Mastercard® while branded gift cards are usable at one specific retailer. Both products offer flexibility, easy delivery and convenience for program administrators and program participants alike.

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