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Digital Apps May Transform The Gift Card Marketplace

Stored value card popularity continues to grow in B2B markets, but gift card applications may help take it to another level.

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3 Ways Gift Card Delivery Is Innovating

Gift card delivery is transforming the way retailers and recipients are interacting with each other and forming long-term loyalty. It’s evolving with retail and also financial tech. The more ways gift cards are delivered, the more the gift card industry innovates.

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The Evolution of Gift Cards

It all started with paper gift certificates. These certificates were given to employees, customers, and partners for meeting goals, recognition on a job well-done, or just as a simple thank you. Gift certificates were often mailed and could take weeks to reach their recipients.

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Employee Travel Rewards Gain Popularity and Value

Employee travel rewards are common and have been since the days of service crystals and 5- year pins. But the way they are being applied in today’s employee reward environment is changing and evolving. Here are three ways employee travel rewards are changing and can be used to maximize effectiveness.

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Motivating Millennials With Gift Cards

Gift cards are becoming an increasingly popular choice for motivating Millennials (we recently wrote about their preference for e-gifting) and according to a report from the NPD Group and UPenn's Wharton School, gift cards are quite popular with the 18 to 34-year-old crowd. The report studies consumer behavior in the retail industry and how the landscape is changing with new technology. The study looked at retail trends across the generations: Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials.

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