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Preventing Gift Card Fraud this Holiday Season

With the holiday shopping season fast approaching retailers are preparing for big revenues and high traffic in stores. Preventing gift card fraud is a great way to ensure revenue is retained and retailers don't take a hit to their Q4 numbers because of consumer fraud. According to a recent survey by NRF 78% of retailers have been victims of gift card fraud. Here are 3 ways to prevent gift card fraud this season
1. Keep an Eye on Gift-Card Racks: Keep gift cards in an area where store clerks and floor attendants can see them. Protecting gift card numbers from view and keeping racks in plain sight will help prevent consumers from stealing cards or gift card numbers.
2. Raise a Red Flag for Zero Balance Complaints: Employees can replace customer gift cards with zero balance cards behind the register. If you receive a number of zero balance complaints from a single store it may be time to closely monitor staff.
4. Compare Number of Gift Cards Activated with the Number Sold: Doing simple comparisons of number of gift cards sold with the number activated can help you stop any issues you may have during the short 25 day shopping season. Catching a fraud issue as it's happening rather than finding out about it later is always a better strategy.
For more information on preventing gift card fraud this holiday season check out this article from Entrepreneur.com.

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10 Ways Technology Enables Customer Loyalty

Achieving customer loyalty is no doubt one of the biggest challenges our clients face…it’s a moving target. Not only are consumer needs evolving by the day, but retail marketing is impacted by new consumer technologies, for online and brick-and-mortar buying. We have a general picture of how technology is effecting our brand content flow, buying experience, and rewards and loyalty – we are consumers ourselves and we participate in one or all of these brand experiences every day. But how are these technologies effecting our clients? They are retailers and merchants who partner with us to promote their gift cards in programs such as customer loyalty, engagement, and rewards. They are on the front lines of technology evolution, retail marketing, and customer loyalty and engagement and their challenges are multiplied by selling in the B2B marketplace. Check out the
Ten Ways Technology Can Enable Customer Loyalty Infographic posted on the Huffington Post online. Click image to enlarge >>

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Google Wallet Dumps Gift Cards...Does It Matter?

Google announced earlier this month that as of August 21st it would suspend support on Google Wallet for gift cards and loyalty cards (often utlizing point systems). This seems like it could be a blow to the gift card industry, like for those who sell bulk gift cards, as it limits the ways gift cards can be distributed and redeemed. However I am scratching my head to figure out if we, the gift card industry should even care that much.

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CVS/pharmacy Corporate Health & Wellness August Newsletter is HERE!

The realm of Corporate Health & Wellness is vast and changing constantly. GiftCard Partners is dedicated to keeping you up-to-date on the latest in corporate wellness, health and wellness program strategies, creating a healthy workplace, and more…enter the CVS/pharmacy eNewsletter. This
quarterly enews is a great way to stay current with all the news, trends and technologies in the Corporate Wellness industry. This issue highlights:

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How Employee Recognition Links to Office Parties

Raises, promotions, extra time off, these words may be a risky topic for employers to discuss when they are working on a tighter budget than last year. Not to mention looking for employee recognition ideas for more and more employees doing  a job well done. Incentive Magazine talks about the
“Power of Perks” and how leading organizations are recognizing their value and trying to find how it can fit into their organization. Finding a way to acknowledge the hard work of your employees as a whole can be as easy and affordable as an office party, and the most important part of a party: office catering. Ever heard the expression, the quickest way to an employee’s heart is through their stomach? Boston Market recognized this and made it easy for employers to feed their workforce on a budget; offering discounted rates on volume purchases of their new Boston Market Catering eGift Card. Mass employee recognition doesn't need to be time consuming, expensive, or dreaded. Getting the office together in a social setting helps take some of the stress from the work week off their shoulders and gives employers the chance to celebrate achievements, goals reached and success of the company WITH their employees.
Learn more about the perks and savings of using Boston Market Catering eCertificates for your company’s office catering needs.

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