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Join the Thriving $200+ Billion Gift Card Industry!

Branded gift cards offer a unique opportunity to boost your sales, enhance brand awareness, and foster brand loyalty. Whether you're launching a new gift card brand or seeking to elevate your existing gift card business, GiftCard Partners simplifies your path to growth.

With nearly two decades of experience, we specialize in amplifying your brand presence by:

  • Retail Rack Placement: Introduce your branded gift cards to in-store retail locations and various programs.
  • Distribution Channel Expansion: Extend your brand's accessibility through channel partners, including:
    • Employee Reward Programs: Recognize and reward employees for exceptional performance.
    • Health and Wellness Initiatives: Incentivize the adoption of healthy behaviors.
    • Loyalty Programs: Boost customer retention and engage new customers.
    • Not-for-Profits: Distribute cards to those in need.
  • Integration with Mobile Applications: Add your gift card to multiple mobile apps for wider exposure.
  • Online Purchases: Enable your customers to conveniently purchase your brand's gift cards directly from your website.

And the opportunities don't stop there! Ready to explore the possibilities? Let's talk about how we can drive your gift card business to new heights.

How We’re Different

Leverage the expertise of our team to the grow your gift card business with the services we provide:

Key Relationships- GiftCard Partners

Key Relationships

Access our deep rooted industry relationships and benefit by opening up or expanding your distribution channels.

Reward Connect API- GiftCard Partners-1

Technology Solutions

We provide the latest technology solutions for your brand - Gift card portal, API and an Appeasement platform.

Marketplace Strategy- GiftCard Partners

Marketplace Strategy

Our gift card experts put all the disparate data together & create customized marketplace strategy.

Brand Protection- GiftCard Partners

Brand Protection

From branding approvals to program development, we've got your brand in compliance.

Targeted Results- GiftCard Partners

Targeted Results

Our reporting module identifies where your sales are most affective across distribution partners.

"GiftCard Partners worked with Home Chef to build our gift card program from the ground up.

GCP helped guide us in selecting a gift card processor and first-party vendor, and establishing us in the major distribution channels, selling our brand into new programs, providing sales analytics demonstrating the growth of the program.

We are grateful for all the work they’ve done to help build the Home Chef gift card program. The program wouldn’t be what it is today without them."

E. Dean - Home Chef

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Our Industry Expertise

Our team is knowledgeable in all areas of gift card rewards, including:

Employee Rewards & Engagement- GiftCard Partners

Employee Rewards & Engagement

Gift card incentives engage, reward, and inspire employees to increase performance, improve morale, and raise retention rates.

Customer Promotions & Loyalty- GiftCard Partners 2

Customer Promotions & Loyalty

Customer experience is key in boosting loyalty for businesses, especially in industries such as Real Estate.

Health & Wellness - GiftCard Partners

Health & Wellness

Wellness incentives increase program participation and make engaging in wellness programs more enjoyable.

Medicare & medicaid- GiftCard Partners

Medicare & Medicaid

Patient incentives help with program engagement, medicine adherence, lowering health risks, and encouraging healthy habits.

Non-Profit and Charities- GiftCard Partners

Nonprofits & Charities

Aid families and individuals by covering essential items and everyday expenses, incentivize trial and research participation, and give gift card rewards that matter.