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The Benefits of Working with GiftCard Partners

We work directly with corporations and through strategic partnerships with leading national brands, offering personalized B2B and B2C sales and marketing services for merchants, retailers, and customers.

When you work with our team, we’ll identify the services that work best to tackle your program's unique challenges. Whether your organization is looking to find new opportunities for growth, analyze performance analytics, or you're interested in developing sales and marketing campaigns that open up new distribution channels and build brand awareness, we're here to help.

Gift cards have proven to be effective in program channels such as:

  • Rewards - Give recognition for behaviors, efforts, or achievements to see the results you want.
  • Loyalty - Generate customer referrals and positive customer experience for boosting loyalty.
  • Incentives - Motivate employees, customers, and clients to take action.
  • Scrip - Use gift cards for fundraising and provide at-risk populations with everyday needs.
  • Third-party - Sell your gift cards in third party programs to get your gift cards in front of the right audiences.

How We’re Different

Our team of industry experts serves as an extension of the organizations we support, providing strategic consulting, new channel development, and customized strategy and implementation to sell and market gift cards through wider distribution channels, while strengthening brand awareness and increasing top-line revenue. Leverage our:

  • Key Relationships - Access our deep industry relationships and benefit by opening up new distribution channels.
  • Marketplace Strategy - Let our gift card experts take the hard work off your plate by developing a marketplace strategy.
  • Brand Protection - From branding approvals to program development, we've got your brand covered.
  • Targeted Results - Grow sales through our lead generation, as well as sales pipeline and trend analysis reporting.

Our Industry Expertise

  • Health & Wellness - Wellness incentives increase program participation and make engaging in wellness programs more enjoyable.
  • Medicare and Medicaid - Patient incentives help with program engagement, medicine adherence, lowering health risks, and encouraging healthy habits.
  • Customer Loyalty - Customer experience is key in boosting loyalty for businesses, especially in industries such as Real Estate.
  • Non-Profit Organizations and Charities - Aid families and individuals by covering essential items and everyday expenses, incentivize trial and research participation, and give gift card rewards that matter.
  • Employee Rewards and Engagement - Gift card incentives engage, reward, and inspire employees to increase performance, improve morale, and raise retention rates.

Engage2Reward™ Platform

Over the past two years, the marketplace has grown and evolved, driven primarily by consumer preferences. To meet the needs of the marketplace, we expanded our business services in 2019 by introducing the Engage2Reward™ Platform.

Through the Engage2Reward incentive suite, we offer a variety of curated client solutions to support gift card reward and incentive program needs and goals, while helping retailers grow their direct sales. Coupled with our consulting services, we currently offer comprehensive solutions supporting a variety of corporate sponsored programs including employee engagement and recognition, sales and performance incentives, corporate health and wellness, workplace safety, and customer loyalty rewards. Engage2Reward offers:

  • B2B Ordering Platform
  • Corporate Account Setup & Program Support
  • Customizable Recipient Experience
  • Engage2Reward™ Choice Card

Vendor & Channel Partner Gift Card Ideas:

E2R Rewards Choice Card
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