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The Benefits of Working with GiftCard Partners

No matter what the need, it is our mission to help companies easily incorporate gift cards into their incentive, reward and loyalty programs. The companies we serve can access hundreds of brands through our platform, Engage2Reward, and we cover the entire purchasing process - from account registration and order entry to payment processing and fulfillment. We take a hands-on approach to help create programs that are designed to engage and reward employees, members, customers, and more.

  • Over the last 11 years, we have grown a major health retailer’s B2B business for with an Average Annual Growth Rate (AARG) of 21%. Working together with them, we have helped to develop new gift card products directed at the healthcare market.
  • From it's inception, we have built a national meal kit and food delivery company’s gift card business - helping them identify a gift card processor, 1st party and appeasement software, as well as build their 3rd party and B2B business over the last 4 years with an AARG of 14%.
  • We helped a major American retailer of aftermarket automotive parts and accessories company build their B2B, 3rd party and consumer business from soup to nuts, growing their gift card business over the last 7 years with an AARG of 19%.

All of this is done while strengthening brand awareness and increasing your top-line revenue.

How We’re Different

Leverage the expertise of our team to the grow your gift card business with the services we provide:

  • Key Relationships - Access our deep industry relationships and benefit by opening up or expanding distribution channels.
  • Technology Solutions - Providing you the latest technology solutions from your brand’s gift card portal, to appeasement tools for your customers, or a new gift card processor.
  • Marketplace Strategy - Let our gift card experts take the hard work off your plate by developing a marketplace strategy.
  • Brand Protection - From branding approvals to program development, we've got your brand in compliance.
  • Targeted Results - Grow sales and generate leads through our marketing services, as well as sales pipeline and trend analysis reporting.

Our Industry Expertise

Our team is extremely knowledgable in all areas of gift cards rewards, including:

  • Employee Rewards and Engagement - Gift card incentives engage, reward, and inspire employees to increase performance, improve morale, and raise retention rates.
  • Customer Promotions & Loyalty - Customer experience is key in boosting loyalty for businesses, especially in industries such as Real Estate.
  • Health & Wellness - Wellness incentives increase program participation and make engaging in wellness programs more enjoyable.
  • Medicare and Medicaid - Patient incentives help with program engagement, medicine adherence, lowering health risks, and encouraging healthy habits.
  • Non-Profit Organizations and Charities - Aid families and individuals by covering essential items and everyday expenses, incentivize trial and research participation, and give gift card rewards that matter.

Vendor & Channel Partner Gift Card Ideas:

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