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Boost Member Engagement & Involvement through Gift Card Incentives


Boost Member Engagement & Involvement through Gift Card Incentives

Enhance the participation and engagement of your members by offering enticing gift card incentives. By rewarding their involvement with valuable gift cards, you can motivate them to actively participate in various activities and initiatives. Encourage a sense of community and collaboration among members through the power of gift card rewards. Drive excitement and enthusiasm within your membership base by leveraging the appeal of gift card incentives to boost engagement and involvement.

Gift Card Success Story from Our Customer

NonProfit & Charity Programs

Managed Care Organization

GiftCard Partners was approached by a non-profit organization coordinating long term and managed medical care in New York City for over four decades. This managed care organization offers the community low to no cost Medicare and Medicaid health plans. Read what they did to increase the health and well-being of their community.

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Discover our Engage2Reward™ Gift Card Ordering Platform

Our gift card platform, Engage2Reward, allows you to seamlessly order and send out gift cards digitally or physically with customized messaging and branding to personalize the gifting experience for your recipients.


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