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GiftCard Partners B2B Gift Card Services

Corporate Gift Card Services

GiftCard Partners is a full-service gift card agency dedicated to building B2B gift card sales for merchants in the payments industry.

Working with leading national brands for over 15 years, we sell and market our clients’ gift cards, helping companies across various industries successfully use gift cards as rewards.

Leverage our team of experts to:

  • Expand your top line revenue
  • Broaden your brand exposure
  • Increase your distribution channels

We are an extension of your brand and your team and we provide a customized approach to your B2B gift card business.

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GiftCard Partners is a well respected partner in the gift card industry. They act as an extension of their client. We've had account wins with them (Boston Market and AutoZone) and as a former gift card manager of a large retailer, I can say they were a trusted source to identify other sales verticals for gift card managers.

Joseph Rice, Senior Director of Business Development of Raise.com

Learn more about how our customized services can work for your gift card program:

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White Paper Download | The Evolving B2B Gift Card Channel

Facts, Fictions, and New Opportunities. What Does Your Brand Bring to the Table?

Download our white paper now and delve deeper into this research, evaluate the market and learn the best opportunities to grow your B2B business.

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