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B2B Gift Card Services:
Third Party Management

Where are your gift cards?     What opportunities are you missing?

How are they marketed?     |    Are they in stock?

This rapidly-changing, complex $15 billion market is often challenging to manage. The launch process is complicated for new merchants. Ongoing management requires time and expertise. And sales and marketing analytics are intricate.

GiftCard Partners’ total solution provides you with all you need – from card design through launch and ongoing management:

  • Distribution analysis: Review and recommend partners that align the brand with distribution partners

  • Promotions & marketing: Identify opportunities that meet a brand’s goals

  • Reporting & analysis: Interpret market data

  • Operations: Manage operations, incl. order processing, card production and design

Benefits of GiftCard Partners’ Total Solution:

  • Profit from our strong relationships with the two key national providers

  • Relieve workload by bringing in an expert team that treats your brand like their brand

  • Gauge sell-through with our weekly store-level sales analysis

  • Get expert knowledge about nuances of the market and the channel

See how our Third Party services can help build your gift card program: