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The Role Gift Card Incentives Have in Safety Programs

The ultimate goal of a safety program is to reduce accidents and injuries and, as a result, keep workers' compensation costs in check. Incentives help motivate employees and workers to participate and engage in programs, leading the way to safety compliance.

The benefits of using gift card incentives to promote participation in safety programs, include:

Increasing Participation & Minimizing Risk

To ensure everyone in the workplace is practicing the required safety procedures, some behaviors need to be learned or modified to comply with organizational safety standards. Gift card incentives can be used to motivate employees and workers to attend trainings and safety meetings to learn appropriate safety protocols, as well as reward for sticking to the safety measures put into place over time.

Creating A Culture of Safety in the Workplace

Safety and employee wellness are strongly connected: jobs that have higher risks increase the stress level for employees. Unmanaged stress plays a significant role in productivity at work and can take a toll on mental health. You can encourage employees and workers to seek supportive services by rewarding them for attending mental health screenings and doctor appointments regularly with gift cards to their favorite brands. Gift card incentives are powerful tools because they are attractive motivators for engaging in programs while also offering memorable experiences for the recipient and their families, like going to the movies or being able to finish that DIY home project.

Meet Workplace Safety Compliance Standards

Gift card incentives are a proven motivator to drive change fast. If your organization needs a safety overhaul, using gift cards to engage, motivate, and reward can drive employees and workers at all levels and roles to get into compliance quickly. From reporting incidents and workplace hazards to completing inspections and safety trainings, gift card incentives can reduce employer liability and the costs of workplace injury and more.

Managing Employee Safety During COVID-19

While employee safety should always be a priority for employers, protecting employees during COVID-19 should be a top priority above all else. For employers, supporting at-risk employees by keeping them safe is not only critical to maintaining the operations and health of a business, but it’s an opportunity to recognize the strength and sacrifices employees are making during this time. Increasing safety program participation across an organization or making employees who employ safe practices automatically eligible for rewards will incentivize others and increase adherence of a safety program across an organization.

Increase Safety Program Participation with Gift Card Incentives

Adopting new compliance and safety protocols can be challenging and sometimes met with a level of resistance by employees and workers. Using gift cards to encourage them to adhere to and actively practice safety measures can ease the transition and help increase the participation in your organization's safety program.

We work with companies to identify and match the best incentives for their safety programs, focusing on gift card rewards due to their versatility, variety of brands available, and their ability to drive positive behavior. Gift card rewards have become popular safety incentive tools because they give employees and workers a tangible display of your appreciation and emphasize the important role they play in maintaining a safe work environment.

Our Engage2Reward™ Platform allows organizations to conveniently ship, email or text your gift card selections directly to employees and workers. With our deep experience in safety programs and incentives, GiftCard Partners helps you identify and match the gift card brands that best fit your organization’s safety program goals. You’ll have what you need to motivate employees and workers to engage in ongoing safety initiatives and weave a culture of safety into your existing company culture.

Using Gift Card Incentives in Safety Programs

  1. Promoting Safety Adherence - The infection control department of a regional medical center in Mississippi uses gift cards as incentives for their workplace safety rewards program. They also utilize gift cards as rewards to those who pay extra attention to hand-washing, a critical task for infection control.
  2. Decreasing Worksite Accidents - An electronics and process controls company uniquely uses gift cards—as prizes in their monthly “Safety Bingo” game, or as a spot reward for an employee who is observed using all their PPE (personal protective equipment) correctly—and has been accident free for 15 years. Gift card rewards are highly effective tools in promoting the adherence of organizational safety programs.

Why Choose Gift Cards?

GiftCard Partners works with organizations to identify and match the best gift cards for their safety programs. Our Engage2Reward Platform™ allows organizations to conveniently select the right brands that encourage safety program participation and compliance, all while appealing to your workforce. Gift cards offer:

  • Choice: Appeal to a diverse workforce with a wide variety of gift card brands to incentivize and reward.
  • Motivation: Offer an enticing reward that drives program participation and safety compliance.
  • Convenience: Place bulk gift card orders on any device and conveniently ship, email or text your selections directly to the end recipient.
  • Instant Gratification: eGift cards are available with instant delivery.

Safety Program Participation & Compliance Gift Card Ideas:



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