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Ensure timely open benefits enrollment every year with gift card incentives.

Ensure a smooth open enrollment experience for your benefits' administration team and your employees this year by incorporating employee gift card incentives.

Gift card incentives can help in these key areas:

Grabbing Attention

Submit Forms on Time

At open enrollment, deadlines are often very strict. Reward the first 5 or 10 employees who submit their benefits elections with gift cards of their choice. Rewarding promptness makes this complicated process lucrative for employees, and smooth for employers, HR teams and benefits providers.

Attend Info Sessions

Attend Info Sessions

For many employees, asking questions about benefits can be uncomfortable, either because they don’t understand the nuances of the open enrollment process or because benefits elections can be very personal. Reward employees who participate in sessions with gift card incentives to keep them engaged.

Gift Cards for Surveys

Gift Cards for Surveys

Surveys are the quickest and easiest way to understand the needs of all employees and help organizations successfully choose the right benefits provider. Give gift cards as spot rewards to your employees who fill out the survey - on time and in full. This will help you in choosing the best benefits provider.

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Increase HRA Engagement

HRA (Health Risk Assessment) helps you to understand all the necessary factors to consider while curating your wellness strategies. Gamify the process by offering gift card wellness incentives, or create a wellness campaign where you reward & recognize your employees for their achievements. 

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Order Bulk Gift Cards with our Engage2Reward™ PortalGift_Card_Partners_Services_Icon__8___1_-removebg-preview

Looking to simplify open enrollment and health & wellness rewards? Our Engage2Reward™ Portal offers a simple and secure way for organizations to order gift cards in bulk and select the right brands that support the goals of specific programs. Gift cards offer: 

  • Memorability: Offer a memorable experience that's often shared with family and friends.
  • Something for Everyone: Appeal to a diverse audience by offering choice from a catalog of brands.
  • Convenience: Place bulk gift card orders on any device and conveniently ship, email or text your selections directly to the end recipient.
  • Instant Gratification: eGift cards are available with instant delivery, and thus, sending bulk corporate gift cards can be done in less than a minute - from order to delivery to the end recipient - via Text or Email.

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