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Wellness Incentives

Work with our rewards team to match the best brands to your programs to promote and incentivize healthy behaviors.

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Experts in Healthcare Rewards

GiftCard Partners works with a variety of companies and programs in the healthcare market:

  • Hospitals

  • Health insurers

  • Medicare and Medicare programs

  • Corporate health & wellness programs

We help these companies match the best reward option for their program based on overall goals, demographics, and program needs and budget.

Schedule a free consultation with our rewards team to see how our gift card options can help increase engagement and overall participation in your program.

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Wellness Resources

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Download whitepaper: Using effective wellness incentives

Using Effective Wellness Incentives: What Employers Need to Know

GiftCard Partners and The Corporate Health & Wellness Association provide an updated, comprehensive look into effective health & wellness programs.

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Wellness Incentives Blog

Employees Love Rewards - Post

Employees Love Health & Wellness Rewards and Incentives

With companies focused on providing quality health incentives and rewards to their employees, a pair of wellness managers recently discussed the success they've found at their respective companies.

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Gift Card Success in Wellness

Our gift card brands are successfully used as rewards in a number of ways:

Employee Engagement

A leading financial corporation engaged their employee’s population in their health & wellness program with the CVS Select® gift card. Through employee health achievements additional funds were continually reloaded onto the card as new goals were met.

CVS Pharmacy

Program Provider Rewards

A health & wellness solution program provider offered CVS Pharmacy® flu shot eGift cards to Fortune 100 customers’ employees as part of their corporate health & wellness program.

Visa Pre-Paid

Medicaid Member Incentive

A nationally managed care health plan for 2.2 million Medicaid members worked with us to develop a custom Visa pre-paid card solution. These cards were used as incentives in their “Healthy Behaviors Reward Program.”

Whole Foods Market

Member Participation

An ACO offered their Medicare members a Whole Foods Market® gift card for partaking in a health nutrition class to learn how to make healthy lifestyle choices and provide nutritional inspiration for behavior change. 

Lowering Employer Costs with Incentives

Incentives Play a Major Role in Cutting Healthcare Costs

Implementing and expanding corporate wellness programs offers employers the opportunity to control the costs of healthcare spending and improve the health of their employees. 

Employers who have a corporate wellness program see a decrease in absenteeism and an increase in productivity, which are key contributors to controlling healthcare costs.

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Lower Employee Costs with Incentives- Post
Rewards to Meet your Wellness Challenges

Rewards to Meet Your Wellness Challenges

Leverage our personalized approach to identify the right gift card reward for your population, based on demographics, location, and overall program needs.

See how our gift card brands can fit into your program to maximize compliance, motivation, engagement, and behavioral change within your population.

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