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Reduce Healthcare Costs and Encourage Healthy Behaviors

Healthcare organizations can improve employee participation in health and wellness initiatives by incorporating rewards and incentives into their programs.

Workplace incentive programs can generate up to 25% in savings through reduced absenteeism, general health care costs, workers compensation and disability management claims*. The Reward-Connect API is the easiest way to add gift card rewards to any healthcare or wellness incentive program.


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A Healthcare Gift Card API Solution with Many Benefits


The Reward-Connect API is a versatile technology that can support a variety of programs including corporate wellness, open enrollment incentives, patient rewards, or Medicare and Medicaid health & wellness incentives. The Reward-Connect API can integrate seamlessly into your mobile app or any existing HRIS or CRM platform allowing for flexible ordering of gift cards with instant delivery directly to your recipients.


The Reward-Connect API offers the following features:

fast-ordering-icon-bwRapid time to market

instand-delivery-icon-bwLightening-fast API responses

year-end-gift-icon-bwOver 300 Gift Card options


Order individual cards or in bulk

rebates-referrals-icon-bwDraw-down funds from a single account


Easily track card delivery


Extensive reporting

messaging-icon-bwCustom branding available with your corporate logo & messaging


Two-factor authentication protects your account & funds

healthcare-engage2reward-api-screenQuick & Easy Integration

Take your health and wellness incentive program to the next level by easily integrating our Reward-Connect API into your existing platform. Gain access to over 300 unique gift card brands and integrate with your mobile app or other platform to seamlessly order and deliver gift card rewards and incentives directly to your recipients.

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