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Using Gift Cards in Business

Learn more about using gift cards in your business; for everything from wellness programs, corporate rewards, to loyalty and fundraising

Get the latest industry updates in B2B Gift Cards


At $45 billion, the B2B gift card market is robust, dynaminc and conintues to evolve. Get insights on payment trends, technology, redemption patterns, and growing your business-to-business channels.

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Learn more about using wellness incentives


We cover a range of topics in the wellness space, from corporate wellness programs, safety incentives, Medicaid and Medicare compliance, healthy reward options, and more.

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See how gift cards are being used as incentives in loyalty


Creating loyalty in your customers, client or employees can be difficult. Learn more about the types of rewards and incentives that can help to truly encourage, build and maintain long-lasting loyalty.

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Use gift cards as a way to reward, engage or motivate


Engagement can be a tough nut to crack. See how the rewards you use, the recognition you give, and the type of incentives used can help support initial engagement.

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