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Ensure Long-Term Connections

Leverage gift card bonuses, rewards, and incentives for a variety of year-round occasions:

Customer Promotions & Loyalty- GiftCard Partners 2

Customer Promotions

Promote customer loyalty by providing trophy value and memorability for your brand - Deliver gift card rewards at the right time.

Open Enrollments

Open Enrollments

Use gift card incentives to encourage your employees to complete your organization's open enrollment for benefits on time and in full. 

Safety Rewards

Safety Recognition

Recognize employees who help reduce safety claims in your organization this year and reward them with a gift card of their choice.

Sales Incentives

Sales Incentives & Rewards

Proactively motivate your sales team to surpass their year-end quota with gift card incentives and reward the ones who achieve their goals. 

Employee Rewards & Engagement- GiftCard Partners

Employee Engagement

Encourage and incentivize your employees to increase performance, improve morale, and bolster retention rates with gift card rewards.

Product Launches

Product Launches

Appreciate the hard work of your teams and surprise them at product launch events by instantly delivering gift cards to their cell phones during the event.

non profits and charity Reward Hard-work

Team-Building Events

Provide a unique opportunity for employees to spend time together outside of the workplace through experiential gift cards.

Holiday Parties- Gift Card Partners

Holiday Events & Parties

Show appreciation to your staff with personalized rewards during holiday events and parties to demonstrate your commitment towards them.

Engage2Reward™ Gift Card Ordering Portal

Our Engage2Reward™ Portal makes gift cards easy to send and awesome to receive.

Physical Direct Delivery of Bulk Gift Cards

Physical Direct Delivery

Mail plastic gift cards directly to your recipients. Design your own carrier and add personalized messages or images.

Gift Card Portal Customization Features

Customization Features

Add a unique message and upload custom greeting cards, pictures and videos to your digital gift card orders to excite and engage your recipients.

prepaid card options

Prepaid Card Options

Visa® Reward Cards and Visa eReward Cards offer choice and versatility to your reward & incentive program, creating memorable experiences.

Bulk Gift Card Budget Management

Budget Management

Add new departments to your gift card portal account, allocate budgets and set up automatic order approval workflows.

Improved Reporting on Bulk Gift Card Portal

Improved Reporting

Get instant access to advanced system reports on our portal, which increase visibility and transparency in your order data. 

Enhanced Analytics for Gift Card Ordering Platform

Enhanced Analytics

Updated dashboard with graphs and calculations showing various KPIs such as average order value, quantity per order, and more.


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