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Creating Healthy Habits That Last

Encouraging people to make healthier lifestyle changes is no easy feat, and while taking that first step to better health is a challenge, creating healthy habits is often the biggest obstacle. In fact, it can take anywhere from 6-24 months to form a habit.

Tangible rewards, like gift cards, have become an effective engagement tool for rewarding participants who adopt and stick with healthy behaviors like tobacco-cessation, weight loss challenges or health screenings.

Choosing Gift Cards Over Cash

A study from Brigham Young University showed that although cash rewards were selected more than twice as often as gift cards, participants who choose gift cards reap the greatest program success. Since cash is often bundled under a normal paycheck and goes unseen, its value is lost on the recipient along with the motivation for that behavior to continue.

So Why Gift Cards?

  • Offer a memorable experience that's often shared with family and friends
  • Provide flexibility for a variety of recipients
  • Add choice to points-based reward or incentive programs
  • Purchase multiple brands in bulk and easily distribute

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Corporate Health & Wellness

Gift card incentives have been connected to healthier outcomes in employee wellness programs. Engagement is a top concern for these programs, and studies show that financial incentives can help boost member engagement, improving overall health outcomes and helping employers contain costs.

Incentives don’t have to break the bank either: 68% of Americans said as little as $2 a day would motivate them to spend at least one hour per day improving their health. 

Ongoing Engagement [Use Case]

A leading financial corporation used CVS Select® gift cards to engage employees in their wellness program.

As new health goals were met, additional funds were reloaded onto gift cards.

Immunization Awareness [Use Case]

To increase immunization and decrease absenteeism during flu season, one health & wellness solution program provider offered CVS Pharmacy® gift cards to Fortune 100 customers’ employees as part of their corporate wellness program.

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Medicaid & Medicare

Gift cards are a popular incentive for encouraging preventive care, increasing compliance and helping people improve their overall health. In fact, 68% of the Medicaid population is motivated by reward points to earn gift cards and merchandise.

These programs encourage annual check-ups, pre- and post-natal care, chronic disease management, immunizations, and more.

Custom Program Incentives [Use Case]

A nationally-managed care health plan with 2.2 million Medicaid members developed a custom Visa pre-paid card to use as an incentive in their “Healthy Behaviors Reward Program.”

Initial Engagement [Use Case]

An ACO offered Medicare members Whole Foods® gift cards for partaking in a health-nutrition class to learn how to make healthy lifestyle choices and provide nutritional inspiration for behavior change.

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