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Boost Your Employees' Q4 Performance with Visa® Reward Cards

Gearing up for the final quarter of the year can be tough. Employees that are behind on goals may feel like they don’t have a chance to catch up, and those ahead of their goals  often set their work to cruise control and start planning for January. So how can employers strike a balance between motivation and engagement for all employees? Incentivize and reward employees with Visa® Reward Cards however their annual goals are tracking. Read more to learn how using Visa Reward Cards in Q4 can build momentum, spark motivation, and motivation, engage employees.

1. Build Momentum and Spark Motivation

As the year begins to draw to a close, gearing up for the final stretch can be tough for employees. It’s important that at every level of an organization, whether it’s company-wide, within a department or even an individual team, to build momentum and motivate employees through the final quarter of the year. Using reward cards for employee motivation can help:

  • Add value to an employee engagement or motivation program
  • Drive healthy competition among employees
  • Build momentum toward a common goal across groups of employees

Employee experience programs can have many focuses, but using Q4 to build momentum and focus employee programming on motivation can impact business results. Ensuring your employees are fired up and feeling that their goals (and the company’s goals) are within reach is positive for the business outcomes, and the employees’.

2. Employee Engagement and Team Building

One big distraction that can come up in Q4 is employee turnover. This disrupts the flow of work, keeps employees focused and allows management to focus on their main responsibilities, and not those of their team. Ensuring employees feel engaged and connected to their role and the team they are working on is critical for a successful Q4. Using reward cards to keep employees engaged:

  • Builds rapport among team members and between individual contributors and management
  • Creates lasting memories of team camaraderie and positive associations between the employer and the extra rewards they earned
  • Keeps the employer top of mind for the employee, especially when they redeem the reward outside of work

Employee engagement is one of the biggest components of employee retention. As Q4 approaches, don’t forget to invest in your most valuable business asset, your people.

3. Lead with Rewards

When you’re gearing up for Q4, and working on the best ways to have a profitable Q4, lead with rewards. As you push toward final quotas or the completion of projects for the year, employees may need to work extra hours and focus all of their energy on execution. Make sure your business leads by rewarding employees with rewards that will:

  • Keep employees motivated through an extended “sprint” period at the end of the year
  • Help employees stay focused through multiple holiday seasons
  • Provide extra compensation in addition to regular salary and bonus pay

Rewards are used to drive value with employees. Visa Reward Cards are great additions to any employee reward program because they can be used on almost anything. Whatever your employees are into, however they want to spend their reward value, it’s likely they can use a Visa Reward Card to do so. Building value with employee rewards contributes to ensuring your business sees the ROI on employee programs through business outcomes, employee retention and more.  


Q4 can make or break any business’ year, and it often comes with the added pressure of holiday slow-downs and annual goal achievement hanging over everyone’s heads. Adding reward cards to employee engagement programs can make the difference in how your staff handles Q4 this year.

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Learn more about how Visa Reward Cards can support a strong Q4 today!

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