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Improving Employee Satisfaction: Gift Cards in Business

Employee satisfaction is the baseline metric for creating a workplace that employees are loyal to and excited to come to work for each day. According to a recent Pew Research study, only about half of American workers claim to be extremely or very satisfied with their jobs. Boosting satisfaction helps employers drive productivity in the workplace and employee retention over the long term. Keep reading to learn how gift card rewards can improve employee satisfaction by driving motivation, boosting engagement and maintaining job satisfaction amongst employees. 

Drive Employee Motivation 

Improving employee motivation is key to job satisfaction. If employees aren’t challenged and motivated toward larger goals on a short, medium and long-term basis, they can lose their edge and feel stagnant in their careers. Driving motivation among employees helps: 

  • Maximize productivity within an organization 
  • Retain high-performing employees 
  • Allow employees to grow with your organization, building mutual benefit 

Employee motivation can also be driven through thoughtful employee rewards programs. Compelling rewards like gift cards can be a great way to drive motivation when employees complete a large project, go above and beyond for their team, or work through a tough deadline.

Engage2Reward™ client Olympus America uses the Engage2Reward platform to provide meaningful and timely gifts to their employees at the end of the fiscal year. These gifts acknowledge hard work and deadline-driven goals. They also provide compensation that goes beyond salary and bonuses, keeping employees driven to earn those extras and stay productive all year round.  

Maintain Employee Satisfaction 

It can be challenging to build employee satisfaction and equally challenging to maintain it once earned. Once employees have provided positive feedback to an employer, the employee can’t stay stagnant. Employers must continue showing appreciation and targeted recognition to workers to maintain high employee satisfaction and its benefits.

Engage2Reward customer TBL Investments takes advantage of over 300 retailers available through the platform to purchase a variety of cards for employee holiday gifts. Thoughtful gestures like meaningful holiday gifts are a great way to show happy employees that you are still thinking about them and care that they stay with the organization.  

Boost Workplace Engagement 

Workplace engagement is the first step to satisfaction. Employees thrive in a workplace where they feel connected. Whether you provide engagement through social programming, opportunities to connect outside of work, or volunteer opportunities, ensuring that employees feel connected to each other will help them feel connected to their work. Employee engagement can help set the groundwork for long-term: 

  • Satisfaction 
  • Retention
  • Loyalty to the organization and to each other 

Gift card rewards can also help drive engagement. Often, employee rewards can lead employees to feel connected to the organization by going beyond salary and bonuses to provide extra incentives. 

Engage2Reward client Eric Javits Inc. uses the Engage2Reward Gift Card Ordering Platform for employee rewards, improving employee motivation and job satisfaction. Employee satisfaction is an important metric for employers to track and maintain. Using gift cards and other compelling rewards in tactful, meaningful ways affects employees and their overall experience with a company. 

Engage2Reward Gift card ordering platform

The Engage2Reward Gift Card Platform offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to revolutionize the rewards and incentives landscape. With this platform, enjoy instant and personalized rewards, allowing recipients to choose from over 300 popular brands. Its user-friendly interface ensures easy navigation for both administrators and recipients, facilitating quick and efficient rewards distribution.

Custom branding options and personalized messages add a unique touch to each reward, fostering a sense of appreciation and value. The platform also boasts robust security measures and comprehensive reporting tools, providing insights into reward program performance.

Whether it's employee recognition, customer engagement, or loyalty programs, Engage2Reward stands as the ideal solution for seamless, versatile, and impactful rewards.

Learn how you can implement a gift card program through Engage2Reward to drive employee satisfaction today! 

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