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How 3 Nonprofit Organizations Have Helped Those At Risk With Gift Cards

For those in need, covering basic, everyday expenses can be a constant struggle. All nonprofit organizations and charities helping at-risk populations should place an emphasis on providing the essential items and services needed by those they assist.

Gift cards are an ideal way to assist those in need because they can be easily shipped, emailed, or texted directly to the recipients and can cover the cost of everyday necessities, directly aiding at-risk populations that nonprofits work at helping across the country.

Here are 3 examples of nonprofits using gift card donations to improve the lives of at-risk individuals and families in need.

1. Providing Essentials to Homeless Populations with Gift Cards During COVID-19

A nonprofit organization in California helps individuals transition out of homelessness and poverty through a continuum of housing-enriched supportive services. Through their outreach and engagement process, this organization connects participants with housing combined with supportive services to help thousands of people transition out of homelessness and retain long-term housing stability. During COVID-19, this nonprofit has been on the frontline protecting vulnerable individuals experiencing homelessness in part by giving Walmart, Target and CVS Pharmacy® gift cards to provide essentials for themselves and their family.

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2. Empowering Court-Involved Children and Families with Gift Card Incentives

One Massachusetts nonprofit focuses on empowering court-involved children and families. The organization’s goal is to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline by providing the professional mental health services children need to improve their long-term health and well-being. This nonprofit does this by providing children and families with access to direct, no-cost mental health care and assistance navigating the juvenile justice and child welfare systems. Through our Engage2Reward Platform, this nonprofit easily orders and distributes CVS Pharmacy gift cards as incentives for the children and families to complete screenings, participate in programs, and stay on track.

3. Raising Quality of Life with the Help of Gift Cards

Another nonprofit in Massachusetts has a mission to care for individuals and families by providing vital social, health, and community services to alleviate suffering, enhance lives, and support people in need. They have used several gift cards from our Engage2Reward Platform, such as Panera Bread, Chipotle, Dunkin Donuts, and Applebees as well as CVS Pharmacy, Amazon, Walmart and Target, to help families, at-risk youth, and homeless individuals cover expenses for food, basic household items, and toiletries.

These are just several examples of nonprofits using gift card rewards and incentives to improve the lives of people in need. Gift cards are an effective way to provide immediate assistance because they are simple for the end recipient to use and redeem, and are also simple for nonprofits to distribute with both eGift card and plastic options available.

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