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The Role Visa Reward Cards Play in Helping Cancer Patients

A cancer diagnosis is not something anyone expects. So for patients, the diagnosis and complex cancer treatment plans can often be too much to keep organized and can cause some patients to disengage from treatment, follow-up appointments and preventative appointments that follow, often for years, the initial course of treatment. Cancer diagnoses are also incredibly emotionally and often financially draining.

For providers and outreach organizations like the United Breast Cancer Foundation, Visa Reward Card is a powerful tool to ensure patients feel supported through their initial treatment and the lifelong prevention appointments that follow. Read on to learn a few ways the Visa Reward Card can support cancer patients.

Patient Outreach

When it comes to cancer patients, it’s critical to their medical outcomes that they feel supported by their family and friends, but also by their medical team and cancer patient care providers at every step of the way. They become part of a community of cancer patients and survivors and need to feel like that community is going to hold them through the tough initial cycle of treatment and recovery. The Visa Reward Card is a great way for care providers to make initial contact with patients to offer that support by:

  • Direct delivery to recipients, with options like Visa Reward Virtual Account
  • Coming through nonprofits like the United Breast Cancer Foundation as direct donations for cancer patients
  • Helping soften the wave of costs associated with treatment, potential leave from a job, etc.

Patient outreach is a key piece of engaging cancer patients early in their treatment. If they feel ownership over their treatment program and like they are fighting a common enemy with other patients the sense of belonging can go a long way.

General Financial Assistance

Beyond the medical implications of a cancer diagnosis, the financial impact is often one of the biggest stressors. This can impact the patient and their family greatly for months and even years after the diagnosis. Treatment often comes with steep costs, reduced earnings and expensive medication. The Visa Reward Card can provide:

  • Versatile financial support
  • Medical bill assistance
  • Financial assistance to support family members

Visa Reward Card, available through the Engage2Reward Ordering Portal, provides the versatility patients need, while affording nonprofits the option to support cancer patients at the monetary denomination they can based on donations and program budgets. It also represents an easy way to provide financial support with options for digital delivery for patients located anywhere in the country.

Medication Cost Assistance

Cancer treatment has an initial finance cost, but many patients will also need financial support to pay for medications that may not be covered fully by insurance. Expensive medications often qualify patients for medication cost assistance. Delivering that cost assistance in a timely manner is critical to its impact. Medication cost assistance for cancer patients:

  • Helps patients stay on track with outpatient treatment components
  • Can minimize the family financial impact of expensive medications
  • Covers cost gaps often left by primary medical insurance

Medication cost assistance also ensures patients are supported through their treatment journey, even when they are not at appointments or in a hospital or treatment center. The Visa Reward Card provides an efficient and effective way to provide cost assistance up-front, avoiding wait times for medication rebates and complex reimbursement programs.

Preventive Appointment Incentive

Cancer patients often require preventive cancer screens for years after their initial course of treatment. They remain at high risk for recurrence of their original form, and often other forms of cancer for anywhere from 5-10 years after their initial diagnosis, to the rest of their lives. The trauma of an initial diagnosis and treatment often deters patients from returning for preventive treatments. However, incentives can be compelling when it comes to preventive treatment as they can provide:

  • Seamless, timely delivery of preventive appointment incentives
  • A compelling use for small denomination cards, the Visa Reward Card doesn’t need to have a high value to get the patient to an appointment
  • Connections for donors to directly support cancer patient care

For many patients preventive appointments are nerve racking, anxiety inducing, and bring up emotions from their initial bout with cancer. While no one wants to relive a cancer experience, preventive appointments are the best way to keep patients healthy and monitor any concerns.


The Visa Reward Card is versatile, scalable and can play a variety of roles for a cancer patient and their family. Providing patients personalized support in their moment of need not only has an impact in the moment, but becomes associated with a patient’s entire cancer experience.


Learn more about how Visa Reward Cards through Engage2Reward can support your nonprofit’s mission and patient care today!

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