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CVS Pharmacy® August Wellness Newsletter

Top stories from the CVS Pharmacy® August Wellness Newsletter!

Flu season is right around the corner. Last year more than 111 million sick days were taken as a result of the flu. In this edition of the CVS Pharmacy® August Wellness Newsletter, we focus on ways to keep your workforce healthy this season, the latest news from CVS and their flu shot eGift card, and resources on wellness and safety incentives.

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Fighting the Flu with CVS Pharmacy

This year almost 60% of Americans will either get a flu vaccine or plan to get one. Convenience is the predominate factor that makes them more likely to have themselves and their families vaccinated for the flu. 

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Personalizing Employee Engagement

Personalizing employee engagement is critical to the success of a program. Making employees feel personally recognized and appreciated makes them feel that their individual contribution and impact on the organization truly matters and is noticed. Here are three ways to personalize employee engagement, and things to avoid:

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How True Leaders Celebrate Employee Recognition

A recent SHRM study shows that employee recognition is not just a theory; it's a key part of any company culture-building exercise. Employee recognition is something that HR teams should be looking at as a retention strategy to reduce employee turnover year-over-year at their organization. Here are three ways to celebrate employee recognition:

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The Impact of Stress on Your Workforce

We all have stress on the brain. We are stressed, our families our stressed, and our jobs stress us out. Do you know the impact of stress on your workforce? We have some interesting stats to share on who is stressed, who is optimistic, and who’s stress is driving down their productivity and loyalty. This study, conducted by NPR, the Robert Wood Foundation and the Harvard Opinion Research Program the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found the following: 

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