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Study: Organizational Change Triggers Increase In Employee Stress

It may not come as a big surprise, but a recent study shows how stress associated with organizational change has a measurable negative affect on your employees’ health.

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Millennials' Spending Preferences May Shape The Future Of Gift Cards

Millennials are focusing their minds and wallets on experiences rather than stuff, bucking previous spending and gifting trends.

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Whole Foods' Gift Card Sales Raise $100K To Help Kids Eat Healthy

The recent holiday season proved to be a successful one for Whole Foods Market's children's foundation, as the supermarket partnered with a payments provider to raise more than $100,000 for the nonprofit by selling specific curated gift cards at their stores nationwide, according to a Justmeans report.

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Businesses Sacrificing Profit Margins, Tech To Gain Customer Loyalty

Gaining customer loyalty is one of the most difficult metrics to hit in today’s omni-channel B2C market.

Businesses are making two sacrifices to build consumer loyalty: one is an investment in technology and the other is a slimming of profit margins to ensure customers feel like they’re getting a bargain.

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Using Incentives To Improve Health Information Tech, Patient Care

Health information technology (HIT) has the potential to change patient care in the future, but reality needs to catch up with the aspiration.

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