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2 Tips for Choosing the Best Name for Your Employee Incentive Program

Posted, by Rachel (Merkin) Welt on 02/28/2018

A lot is in a name. Whether it’s a pet, a product, or your employee incentive program. A name not only helps identify, but it helps associate. Certain names have associations (Nike with Just Do It, Beef with It’s What’s For Dinner, etc.).

With employee incentive programs, you have to get it just right, creating the right associations—not too obvious, but not too cryptic. It needs to stick with your employees and not feel forced.

Here are two key points to keep in mind when choosing one for your employee incentive program.

1. Reflect Your Culture.


Employee incentive programs need to become a part of your company culture so ensuring that the name of the program fits with your organization’s internal culture is important. It should flow naturally with other programs your running for employees, it should fit within core values and it shouldn’t stick out.

Example: The “Extra Mile Program” would be a great option for recognizing employees who go above and beyond their core job responsibilities regularly.

Employee incentive programs shouldn’t have a name that is only trendy right now, because it could cycle out of popularity, and the name of your program shouldn’t just be catchy to sound good. The name needs to reflect the program, your organizational needs and your employees. It’s got to be something that fits, so it sticks in your employees heads and hearts. If the name sticks, the program is more likely to as well.

What to avoid: “Galactic Gratitude Program” is catchy and may be fun, but it probably doesn’t fit into other programs’ naming conventions (unless maybe if you work at NASA).

2. Make it easy to remember.


This seems simple, make the name of the program easy to remember. However, it is imperative. The name should immediately associate with the employee incentive program. The association value is important in ensuring the program itself catches on.

Example: “Wellness Wednesdays” would be a great name for a program sharing health tips weekly and tracking health initiatives. Not only do alliterative names help with memory, but #WellnessWednesday is popular on social media and could be an engagement point internally.

The name being easy to remember allows a new program to integrate into the existing employee experience. Employee incentive programs should be positive additions to your HR programming and “perks” available to employees. The name of the program being easy to remember supports the positivity. The program shouldn’t feel foreign, it should assimilate into your organizational culture and experience seamlessly.

What to avoid: A program called: “Staying Healthy One Day at a Time” is basic in it’s convention, but the name is long and is even cumbersome to type out. Make it quicker and easier.

We know a lot is in a name. Employee incentive program naming can be tough. So do what’s natural and what feels fitting for your company.

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