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Carrot or Stick..That is the Question

The biggest conundrum that has existed in employee health care has always been whether to punish employees for bad health behavior, or reward employees for good behavior. This dilemma seems to be resolving itself, and the incentive based "carrot" approach is winning out. Employers are using more incentive based methods rewarding employees with discounts, gift cards, loyalty based incentives for good health behavior, as well as less tangible rewards such as educational materials to help employees keep up the good work. It seems that the days of uncertainty and health care fees are ending. As an employer if you are wondering whether to wield a fear-inducing stick over your unhealthy employees, or offer the healthy ones a rewarding carrot in hopes they set an example, reach for the veggies. For more information visit http://www.colloquy.com/article_view.asp?xd=7400

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