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Gift Cards – The Best Incentive for Workplace Safety Programs

It’s undisputable that gift cards are the workplace incentive of choice. Here are the answers to a few questions we are hearing around using gift cards as incentives or rewards for workplace safety programs.

  • When do you give workplace incentive or rewards? Gift certificates and cards are used to recognize individuals or teams that exceed milestones for injury or accident, reduce days off for illness or injury, or follow and well-document safety procedures.
  • How do you choose a reward? Gift cards hold the “trophy” value, and marks of accomplishment for CONGRATULATIONS.
  • How to do you select a gift card or cards? Select cards that deliver a healthy message to your employees, while giving them a gift card they can use for themselves or for their family. A flexible choice like CVS/pharmacy or CVS Select gift card can reward the whole family.
  • Open or Closed loop? By selecting closed loop cards (issued by an individual retailer like CVS or SUBWAY vs. Amex or credit card company); you avoid dormancy and activation fees, and they ensure the user gets the total value you paid for them. Closed loop gift cards are also a better choice for workplace incentives over open loop cards because open loop cards act like cash and the recipient does not remember where they spent the money. Redeeming a closed loop gift card is remembered, which reinforces the reward.
  • In-store or online? Your employees should have the convenience of both. Select retailers that offer both in-store and online shopping experiences for optimum flexibility.

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