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Recognizing Safety Champions: Awarding Outstanding Safety Performance

Building a culture of health and safety within your company is important not just to keep employees safe, but to keep them engaged. Safety programs are one tool commonly used to formalize a culture of health and safety and to create opportunities for peer leadership by naming safety champions. Safety champions are employees who are not just responsible for their own safety but become peer leaders to promote health and safety across your workforce.  

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Rewarding Employee Safety Compliance with Incentives

Imagine a workplace where safety isn't just a rule but a celebrated part of the culture. How do you make that leap? The secret might just lie in a simple yet powerful tool: incentives. Let's explore how the right rewards can turn safety compliance from a must-do into a want-to, transforming your workplace in the process.

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Promote Safety with Gift Card Incentives During National Safety Month

National Safety Month looks quite different this year than in years past. While worker safety should always be a priority for employers, protecting workers from COVID-19 should be a top priority in 2020 above all else.

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3 Important Ways Incentives Help Your Safety Program Succeed

Safety programs are growing in popularity across all kinds of businesses. While they reduce accidents that can end up costing companies millions, they also promote a culture where employees are looking out for one another and the organization.

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Safety Programs: Why You Need One Starting Now

With National Safety Month just around the corner, now is the time to get your safety program in place and understand how it can affect your bottom line.

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