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What do Call Center & Retail Employees Have in Common?

Call Center and retail employees have long shared several unique employee motivation challenges. Managers of both professions suffer from high turnover, training issues for primarily entry-level jobs, team morale issues, and a need to infuse the workplace with creative incentives. Call centers and retail environments share these challenges and you might think the commonalities end there…but WHO is filling these positions? “Generation-Y”.
Generation Y graphic When thinking of incentives for Gen-Y, you must choose flexible, sought after rewards for excellent teamwork, meeting individual and team goals, and meeting and exceeding training objectives. Gift cards have earned the highly coveted “best employee incentive” spot amongst rewards and incentives, as the employee is empowered to select what they want in the end. This generation requires choice, to select what they consider to be cool or needed. What are some other unique employee solutions for this generation? Check out
5 tips for training your Gen Y call center or retail sales employees and let us know what challenges you are finding when training and motivating your employees.

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