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Gamification for Motivating Customer Loyalty?

We’ve been writing a lot about how gamification is taking employee motivation and engagement programs by storm, but does the same People + Participation = Productivity[1] theory apply to customer loyalty and incentive programs? Destination CRM.com says YES: “The things that make games so compelling can equally make employees, partners, [and] customers addicted to your B2B or B2C offering.” And we at GCP are compelled to say YES as well with case studies like this: Samsung saw impressive boosts in their customer loyalty program via their social loyalty program, Samsung Nation. With the Badgeville gaming platform, they grew their user generated content and website traffic, but more importantly; they achieved financial results as well! “Samsung, in return, saw 66 % more users submitting 447 % more product answers on its global Web site. Even more impressive, the user-generated content prompted 34 % of users to put 224 % more items in shopping carts”, states CRM.com’s article Game On. The reward is an important aspect of any motivation and incentive program, and since these games can be played online and anywhere in the world, the rewards should also offer international value. Gift cards are a common customer loyalty reward, but onthe international front; GCP offers maxchoice international vouchers. They act like gift cards, but with even more flexibility for international customers. Check out more information on
maxchoice premium international vouchers. For more in-depth information and case studies, check out
Game On: Gamification Strategies Motivate Customer and Employee Behaviors [1]
Engagement Strategies Magazine Game Theory: People + Participation = Productivity

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