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Customer Engagement, A Two-Way Street

Posted, by Lauren McAuley on 01/14/2013
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Loyalty360 recently released
Understanding Customer Engagement: The Opportunities & Challenges Marketers Face Today. The report goes into depth about defining exactly what customer engagement is and the importance it has for today’s marketers. Depending on the organization or company, customer engagement can come in a variety of forms but one consistent thread needs to be addressed and acknowledged: look at customer engagement as a
two-way street, a constant dialogue between a company and its customers. In the report Marc Glazerm, VP Brand Loyalty from Kobie Marketing discusses the stages of moving the customer across the “engagement continuum.” Glazerm explains that, “The overarching goal of course is to move someone into the Advocacy stage, where they've grown so much, earned so many points/status, claimed their winnings and rewards and now believe so fervently in the brand and its wares that they can’t wait to tell the world about it and share the benefits with friends and family, in turn creating new members with their own customized life cycle.” Without rewards, engagement can take a hard hit. Giving customers the gift of choice and flexibility, with rewards such as gift cards, can increase traffic to your brand or service and in turn raise engagement levels.
To learn more from other leading marketers in the industry check out Loyalty360’s full report here.

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