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Improve Health & Increase Performance with Incentives in your Corporate Wellness Program

Posted, by Lauren McAuley
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Incentives are a powerful thing and are used virtually everywhere. They come in the form of discounts for loyalty members, dessert for the veggie hating toddler, and more and more often being used as rewards for employees to get healthier through Corporate Wellness Programs. These Corporate Wellness Programs are popular among organizations looking to do a number of things, be it effectively foster a healthier work environment, increase employee productivity and reduce absenteeism, and even offset rising healthcare costs. In an effort to shine a little light on the constantly growing and evolving topic, Corporate Research Group, CVS/pharmacy and GiftCard Partners come together to bring you the educational webinar, “Maximizing the Value & Benefits of Using Incentives in Corporate Wellness Programs to Improve Health and Increase Performance.”
Check out the presentation from Cheryl Larson and Neal Sofian and learn more about:

  • Innovative engagement strategies for high-risk employees
  • Understanding and overcoming barriers from preventing people from participating in benefits and wellness programs
  • Creating a work place culture that supports health promotion
  • Making the business case for health and productivity management
  • Tailoring incentive strategies to maximize participation to meet the unique needs of your population
  • And much more.
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