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E-Gift Cards, a Popular Tool in Loyalty Programs

Posted, by Lauren McAuley on 07/15/2013
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E-gift cards have become a popular choice in the B2B world as both an incentive and motivational tool. These virtual gems bring together the power of flexibility and convenience. Chief Marketer’s
Promo Magazine had a Q&A session with Randy Fox, managing  director at FuzeBuy, to discuss how e-gift cards should be used in loyalty programs and how they are changing the loyalty—and customer service—landscape. Fox explains, in
E-gift Cards Gain Traction in Loyalty Programs: Q&A, that marketers are using e-gift cards as a way to further change a customer’s behavior and then reward them for that very change, keeping the customer enthusiasm and momentum levels ongoing. Using e-gift cards as this type of reward allows distribution to flow easily, automatically and to also be measurable. There are perks to using e-gift cards, no doubt about that, but the kind of e-gift cards used are also important to consider. With brands like
The Cheesecake Factory, or
Boston Market, loyalty programs have the opportunity to offer rewards that can accommodate a large demographic. Read the full article
here to see other benefits and advice on adding e-Gift Cards to your Loyalty Program.

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