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Looking at Employee Wellness as Part of Employee Safety

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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On the GCP blog we often address employee wellness and employee safety as two great ways to use gift cards. However employee wellness is a part of employees safety, in a broader sense that just at the workplace. Here are 7 steps from HR.BLR.com on how to incorporate an employees wellness program effectively, positioned as employees safety.

  1. Organize a planning group—The planning group will be responsible for designing a program that they know will be popular acroos the whole staff.
  2. Identify a "wellness champion" as a sort of employees of the month. To reward this person's exceptional behavior provide a small denomination gift card to healthy retailers like CVS/Pharmacy, GNC, and Nutrisystem, encouraging healthy behavior.
  3. Conduct a survey of employees to get an itial idea about how active your employees are, and what their attitude towards health and wellness is.
  4. Decide if your HR team will manage the program of if you will contract it out.
  5. Start slowly- offer fruit at meetings instead of bagels, get a lunch time walk going around the building. Rome wasn't built in a day.
  6. Assess and measure the ROI of your program frequently to ensure effectiveness.
  7. Consider ways to encourage participation, and incentivize.

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