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3 Customer Loyalty Concepts You May Be Missing

ID-100183869When it comes to business, retention is everything.
Returning customers cost less to market to and spend more money on any given purchase. That means that building customer loyalty is one of the main keys to success. But there are a few concepts you may be missing surrounding customer loyalty.
1. In-Store Money Back Rewarding customers with credit to your own company will both make the consumers happy, while encouraging them to keep spending at your company at the same time. REI
offers it's members 10 percent off, which they receive back in an REI credit at the end of every year.
2. Personalization and Customization When it comes to showing customers that you care, personalization and customization are everything. The
80/20 rule says that about 80 percent of your business comes from 20 percent of your customers. It's for this reason that it pays to go the extra mile to add a personal touch for your customers. 
Tesco, for example, collects data and uses it to create  segmented promotions, specific to individual consumers. These promotions are based on a customer's buying habits and the odds of them returning again in the near future.
3. Gift Card Loyalty Programs Gift card loyalty programs are a great way to ramp up your customer retention rates by rewarding consumers for their loyalty. At GiftCard Partners, we work with you to help reward customers with gift cards to some of the leading retailers on the market. Because of our flexibility and bulk discounts with gift cards to some of the most popular brands out there, we are one of the nation's largest developers of B2B gift card programs. For more information about our customer loyalty programs,
visit our program page today.

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