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Best Practices to Boost Employee Engagement

Posted, by Jennifer DiPietro
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When it comes to employee engagement the best companies strive to not only lead but also inspire their employees. They create a vision for their company that allows them to grow by valuing their employees and giving them a voice within the company. Here are some best practices that company leaders can use to help engage their employees:

  1. Help people get into the correct role – you want your employees to be in a role that fits their interests and strengths, while still providing the right amount of challenge. If you aren't able to put them into a role that is a good fit, adjust responsibilities or have them work on projects that fit well with their skill set.
  2. Emphasize the positives – Individuals in the workplace are typically healthier with positive emotions over negative ones. Leaders can boost positive emotions by recognizing employee strengths and providing affirmation that they are doing their job properly. This leads us right into the third point.
  3. Provide constructive feedback in a positive way – Always communicate constructive feedback in a private way. Be respectful when speaking to your employee in both tone and volume. Begin with positive topics you like about the employee’s work before constructively criticizing other aspects.
  4. Provide autonomy in execution – Monitor employee progress and let your employees know that you are always available to help when needed. Enforce guidelines over strict rules and controls.
  5. Hold in-person meetings/check-ins – Staying in touch is important for good employee relationships. The best way is meeting in person, preferably on a weekly basis. If you cannot meet in person, continue using weekly check-ins via phone calls, emails, even text messages if it helps to keep you connected. Employees should always feel that you are on their team and available to help them, should they need it.

These are just a few of the many best practices companies can use to help boost employee engagement. 
Read more about these best practices here!

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